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How can I tell which version of firmware to download for a WFM700?

Вопрос :

How can I tell which version of firmware to download for a WFM700?

Ответ :

There are two versions of the firmware for the WFM700, each will be labeled with the latest version number followed by either an “A” or a “B” (for example: 3.0.6B). These two versions correspond to the version of video processor board installed in a WFM700. To determine which processor board you have, press the “Help” button on the front of the instrument, then touch the “System Info” button on the touch screen to display the current firmware version number. If the current firmware version contains an “A” or a “B” then that is the type of processor board you have and you should download the corresponding firmware upgrade file. If there is no letter at the end of the firmware version number then you have an “A” type processor board and should upgrade to the “A” version of firmware. Once you have upgraded your firmware to the latest version it should always indicate which type of board it has.

The differences between “A” and “B” type processor boards are minor and do not significantly affect the instrument’s performance. The “B” type board simply implements a few changes in the specific hardware used.

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