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How can I tell how much memory is in the TG700 I have?

Вопрос :

How can I tell how much memory is in the TG700 I have?

Ответ :

There have been several different versions of the TG700 main board, with different amounts of memory.

The first instrument had standard 16 Meg of memory.

Serial number J32xxxx and above and all B01xxxx mainframe serial numbers had 32 Meg memory standard.

FP is now standard in the TG700, for mainframes with serial numbers B02xxxx and above. This was effective March 31, 2008.

The first two versions had option FP available, doubling the amount of memory.

You can verify the memory amount in two ways:

  1. By serial number. The serial number is on a tag just behind the rack ear on the right side of the instrument.  If this tag also lists FP, then FP is installed.
  2. Remotely. Use the TG7SETUP application, open TG700 and view the free and used memory listing at the bottom of the window. Add these two values together.

Please also see FAQ 1323

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