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Does the Model 2015 have a multitone source?

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Does the Model 2015 have a multitone source?

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Some audio analyzers provide a simultaneous, multi-frequency (multitione), source output. One manufacturer promotes the multitone source for test time savings. With a multitone source, one signal output generates all the data to determine a frequency response curve and a measure of DUT distortion. Proponents of multitone stimulus signals also claim that a multitone signal simulates the multiple frequencies in human speech.

A multitone source does not necessarily guarantee a faster set of measurements. Measurement processing techniques and IEEE-488 bus management techniques also have a major impact on total measurement and data transfer times.

Other audio test engineers are concerned that added frequency components reduce the signal-to-noise (S/N) ratio of the source. These engineers believe that a sine wave sweep is a more appropriate test format. With sine wave stimulation, they can make true distortion measurements. Multitone measurements do not return a distortion value for each tone. (The resulting computation for each tone is a relative measure of quality that includes all harmonics and noise and is defined by the instrument manufacturer).

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