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Can I use the ERB-24 with the KPCMCIA-PIO24-C?

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Can I use the ERB-24 with the KPCMCIA-PIO24-C?

Ответ :

Can I use the ERB-24 with the KPCMCIA-PIO24-C?

Yes, the digital I/O of the KPCMCIA-PIO24-C can be used to control the relays of the ERB-24. However, there is an issue to be aware of:

At power up, there will be sufficient drive current from the ports to turn all relays of the ERB-24 to an ON state. Only after the ports have been configured for output will the relays of the ERB-24 turn off. This configuration for output can be done during driver loading by appropriate settings in the DriverLINX Configuration Panel (see web site FAQ for procedure), but it will require several seconds from power on to take effect.

All three ports of the KPCMCIA-PIO24-C will need to be configured for output direction. After this is done, the logic lines of the KPCMCIA card can control the individual relays of the ERB-24.

NOTE: If the required external power is not applied until after the ports of the KPCMCIA card have been configured for output, then the effects of the power on state can be minimized.

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