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NTSC Video Measurements Primer

Over the years, Tektronix has made available many articles, application notes, primers,
video tapes, and other materials to help you, our customers, better understand the
interaction of your daily activities and Tek's products. This primer is a compilation of
several shorter pieces which are (or were) offered by Tektronix' Television Division.

In this primer we've arranged a sequence of topics which leads from relatively basic
concepts toward the more advanced. The ideas involved, however, do interrelate and
support each other - you may find it helpful to take the time to look through the
whole booklet even if your initial interest is for a particular topic.

As always, Tektronix is very interested in your feedback and comment and may be
contacted at any of the offices listed on the back page.

Portions of this document have been reprinted with permission as chapters of this book:
Government and Military Video, P.S.N. Publications, Inc., New York, NY, 1992
Video Systems, Intertec Publishing Corp., Overland Park, KS, 1992