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A test & measurement love story


When it comes to selecting test and measurement instrumentation, test engineer Nancy Golden will be happy to tell you why she is forever loyal to her Keithley SMU in a review that was recently published in Design News and EE Times.

Under the heading “My Love Story with a Keithley Source Measurement Unit” Golden discusses the time and money she has saved using SMUs and explains why she has been a loyal fan since she started using a Model 2400 digital source meter back in the 1990s. Golden originally needed an instrument that would satisfy her customers and support a range of required test parameters. She found that and much more in the Keithley 2400 SMU.

Golden then goes into detail about the instrument’s remarkable versatility and flexibility. She also gives examples of tests she’s successfully completed using SMUs. Golden concludes by describing the instrument’s key features and offering up tips for instrument selection.

For the full review, check out EE Times or Design News.

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