80A00, 80C00, 80E00, and 82A00 Series Manual

Electrical and Optical Sampling Modules Read This First

This document describes installation procedures and software compatibility information for the 80A00, 80C00, 80E00, and 82A00 Sampling Modules for the DSA8300 and TDS/CSA8000, TDS/CSA8000B, and TDS/CSA/DSA8200 series instruments.

This manual applies to:

CSA8000B, CSA8000, TDS8000, TDS8000B, 80E06, 80A01, 80E01, 80E02, 80E04, 80C01, 80C02, 80C03, 80C04, 80C05, 80C06, 80C07, 80C08B, 80C09, 80C10, 80C07B, 80C08C, 80C11, 80C08, 80A02, 80C12, 80A05, 82A04, CSA8200, TDS8200, 80A06, 80E05, 80E07, 80E08, 80E09, 80E10, DSA8200, 80C10B, 80C25GBE, 80C14, DSA8300, 80C10C, 80C08D, 80C11B
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