PC-based, Multi-domain RF Signal Measurement and Analysis

SignalVu-PC turns the MDO4000B into the widest Vector Signal Analyzer, with 1 GHz capture bandwidth. SignalVu-PC connects to the MDO4000B's built-in spectrum analyzer via Ethernet/LAN, WLAN, or USB and uses it to acquire vector data. The software controls the spectrum analyzer acquisition and updates measurement displays continuously. Try out the Wi-Fi Pre-compliance Wizard and get ready for regulatory compliance in the touch of a few buttons.

SignalVu-PC can also be used for off-line analysis, using data files acquired by a wide range of instruments – from real-time spectrum analyzers to oscilloscopes. Capture the underlying IQ signal with your instrument and analyze it many times with different settings and measurements.  Options for Bluetooth testing, WLAN testingP25 compliance testing, pulse analysis, and modulation analysis let you configure the software for your application.

SignalVu-PC VSA software extends your instrument investment with powerful troubleshooting tools for the frequency, time and vector domains.

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