PA1000 Power Analyzer

Accurate and Versatile Single-Phase Power and Energy Measurements

The new Tektronix PA1000 Power Analyzer provides research and development engineers with highly accurate power measurements on single phase power-electronics products. A high-resolution, high-speed sampling system, along with two precision current shunts, maintain high measurement accuracy even for applications such as standby power with very low-level signals. Special test modes plus PWRVIEW software simplify compliance to key regulatory standards. Many standard features and a 5-year warranty deliver best-in-class value plus confidence in your investment.

Learn how the PA1000 supports power supply, appliance energy, standby power, ENERGY STAR and lighting measurements

Models in the PA1000 Power Analyzer Series: 

Model Number of Channels Basic Accuracy (V & I) Max Voltage Input Max Current Input Measurement Bandwidth List Price Configure and Quote
PA1000 1 0.05% reading + 0.05% range 600 VRMS 20 ARMS DC to 1 MHz $2,850
Features Benefits
Uncompromised Measurement Accuracy 0.05% basic accuracy valid on all waveforms for meaningful evaluation of power losses and calculation of high efficiency.
Dual Current Shunts Dual shunt system. 20A and 1A. The 1A input provides accuracy and resolution for low current measurements.
Full Suite of Power Measurements Covers your measurement requirements from RMS current and voltage to harmonics up to the 50th harmonic.
High Crest Factor Tolerance Measure accurately with current crest factors up to 10.
Fast Autoranging for Voltage and Current Inputs Responds quickly to changes in input levels, ensuring that you get good data even under variable conditions.
Application-specific Test Modes Built-in lighting ballast, standby current, and energy integrator modes let you quickly configure for specific applications.
USB, LAN and GPIB interfaces standard PWRVIEW software is included with the instrument and features full compliance IEC62301 Ed.2 measurements and comprehensive reporting.
Datasheet Accessory Description
View Datasheet BALLAST-CT Connection Accessory for Lamp Ballast Testing
View Datasheet BB1000-EU Breakout Box for Power Analyzers, Europe configuration
View Datasheet BB1000-NA Breakout Box for Power Analyzers, North American configuration
View Datasheet BB1000-UK Breakout Box for Power Analyzers, United Kingdom configuration
View Datasheet CL1200 Current Clamp, 0.1A - 1200A
View Datasheet CL200 Current Clamp, 0.5A - 200A
View Datasheet PA-LEADSET Replacement Lead Set for Tektronix Power Analyzers

Standby Power

The definitive guide to making standby power measurements on electrical equipment. This primer details how to meet the requirements of the IEC62301 Ed.2 standard.

Power Measurements on AC-DC Power Supplies

Essential reading for engineers designing, testing or specifying switching power supplies. This application note defines all the measurements required and how to make them accurately and efficiently.

Making Fluorescent Lamp Ballast Measurements with The Tektronix PA1000 Power Analyzer

Learn how to make accurate high-frequency lighting ballast power and efficiency measurements with high-bandwidth Tektronix power analyzers.

Fundamentals of AC Power Measurements

This application note will introduce the basic concepts of power measurements and clarify the definitions of key terms such as:

Root mean square, Real power, Apparent power, Power factor,  Crest factor,  Harmonic Distortion


Tektronix PA1000 Power Analyzer vs. Zimmer LMG95

Evaluate the features, performance, and functionality PA1000 Power Analyzer against the Zimmer LMG95.

Tektronix PA1000 Power Analyzer vs. Hioki 3333

Evaluate the features, performance, and functionality PA1000 Power Analyzer against the Hioki 3333.


Making Standby Power Measurement Webinar

Jon Francis, Marketing Manager for Power Analyzers, talks about some of the challenges you’ll face when measuring standby power. He describes some of the parameters that are unique to the IEC62301 Ed.2 standard that governs measurement of standby power, and introduces Tektronix software to automate the testing and reporting process.

PA1000 Power Analyzer Related Information

Fundamentals of AC Power Measurements

Need to brush up on power factor? Review real power, apparent power, crest factor and more.

More Power Measurement Applications

See how the PA1000 supports power supply, appliance energy, standby power, ENERGY STAR and lighting measurements.

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