Lowest Noise. Highest Fidelity. Maximum Performance.

The DPO70000SX 70 GHz oscilloscope provides the industry’s lowest-noise real time acquisition using Tektronix’ patented Asynchronous Time Interleaving (ATI) technology. The series’ compact and scalable package allows flexible system configurations. Get the most accurate real time performance for ultra-bandwidth applications like coherent optical, radar, high speed serial standards, data communications, or leading-edge research.

  • Over 30 customizable application-specific software analysis packages.
  • Using ATI technology, the 70 GHz model delivers best-in-class signal capture.
  • Compact, scalable, 5 1/4" package allows you to position units close to the device under test.
  • UltraSync ensures precise data synchronization and convenient Master/Extension operation in multi-unit systems.

Learn more about the technology behind the DPO70000SX 70 GHz oscilloscope using Asynchronous Time Interleaving and its compact, scalable package.

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