Understanding timing jitter has become a mandatory part of high-speed communications system design as today’s serial data standards require extensive jitter compliance tests.  Tektronix' comprehensive test instrumentation portfolio enables you to meet your design goals and compliance requirements – fast.

  • TekScope AnywhereTM Waveform Analysis:  Users now have the flexibility to perform timing, eye, and jitter analysis outside the lab that can easily be shared between team members in a networked environment.
  • 80SJNB Jitter, Timing, and SDLA Visualizer Analysis for Sampling Oscilloscopes: 80SJNB is an all-purpose tool that enables engineers to specify a de-embed filter, Time Domain Waveform or S-Parameter for channel embedding. 80SJNB also performs timing, noise and mask testing analysis to get a 3-D view of the eye diagram performance for deep, accurate evaluation on signals with speeds beyond 50GHz.

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Debugging Timing Issues with DPOJET, the Core Analysis Engine

This video will show you how DPOJET plays a role as the core analysis engine in the Tektronix performance oscilloscopes.  You'll hear how this came together and the work behind the scenes (algorithm development, GUI work).

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Knowledge Series Webinar: Management of Jitter & Noise for Lower BER on High Speed PHY's

Next generation standards like PCI Express 4.0 and 100Gb Ethernet are exploring the need to include noise analysis, in addition to timing analysis, as unit interval (UI) margins continue to shrink. View this webinar to learn more about the importance of comprehensive jitter & noise analysis in support of these new standards.

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Anatomy of Jitter

This webinar describes the different categories and types of jitter; the origins and interrelationships and how they can be used to diagnois, characterize and debug system hardware. Plus, explain how these various jitter measurements are applicable to your specific application.

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