Prepare future engineers for tomorrow’s exciting challenges by giving them the latest skills and knowledge they need for life beyond the classroom including hands-on experience with real-life instruments.

Tektronix provides a comprehensive solution for educators.

  • Affordable, reliable and high performing instruments for basic and advanced engineering.
  • The innovative TekSmartLab™ which allows you to configure and manage all the instruments in your lab from a single location.
  • The TBS1000B-EDU Courseware Resource Center, with over 700 course in 13 languages, to help you guide your students through basic and advanced engineering topics.
  • Measurement for research labs whether you’re studying cutting edge optical modulation or next generation semiconductor materials.

Recommended Equipment

  • Oscilloscopes: 8 out of 10 engineers around the world trust our scopes to help them debug and test tomorrow's designs faster.
  • Signal Generators: World's fastest and most versatile signal generators for today's complex signals