PCI Express

PCI Express® (PCIe) technology is used in a variety of applications including GPUs, hubs, and storage interfaces. Emerging storage interfaces such as next-generation SSD and host controller interfaces utilize NVMe* and SATA Express* protocols that reside on top of a PCIe physical layer.

Accelerate the analysis, validation, and pre-compliance testing of your PCIe design with test solutions from Tektronix. Tektronix instruments and analysis software provide the flexibility to check your PCIe design for pre-compliance or perform device characterization or protocol debug.

* To configure a solution for SATA Express or NVMe electricals, select “PCI Express” below.


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The Basics of Serial Data Compliance and Validation Measurements

This primer is designed to help you understand the common aspects of serial data transmission and to explain the analog and digital measurement requirements that apply to these emerging serial technologies

Understanding and Characterizing Timing Jitter Primer

Timing jitter is the unwelcome companion of all electrical systems that use voltage transitions to represent timing information. This paper focuses primarily on jitter in electrical systems.

PCI Express® Transmitter PLL Testing — A Comparison of Methods

Overview of significant methods for performing PLL Testing

Overcoming PCI-Express Physical Layer Challenges

Using the powerful triggering and multiple data views of the Tektronix Logic Protocol Analyzer to overcome physical layer challenges.

Triggering Fundamentals With Pinpoint® Triggering and Event Search & Mark for DPO7000

This document discusses some fundamentals of triggering, and how Pinpoint triggering takes triggering in real-time oscilloscopes to a new level.

PCI Express Probing Solutions with the Tektronix Protocol Analyzer

This white paper discusses how to ensure proper board design and layout for digital debug and verification using the Tektronix PCIe Protocol Analyzer.

Hunting PCIE Flow Control Bugs

This white paper describes in detail the use of the Bird's Eye View (BEV), a completely new visualization, to investigate flow control.

Logic Analyzer Fundamentals

Learn the basics and benefits of logic analyzers - see how this tool can solve your debug challenges.

Timing Error Debugging

This application note explains how to speed up troubleshooting by using more of the features in your logic analyzer and oscilloscope.

Time Domain Methods for Measuring Crosstalk for PCB Quality Verification Application Note

Learn about the elements of crosstalk and how you can measure it on a single-layer PCB using a sampling scope.

PCI Express 3.0 Flow Control: Overview

PCI Express 3.0 Flow Control: Overview using the TLA7SA00 Series Logic Protocol Analyzer

Logic Protocol Analysis for PCI Express Video

See how the TLA7SA00 is useful in the validation and debug of Gen1, Gen2, or Gen3 PCI Express Systems.  Perform collaborative debug and quickly root-cause system issues.

PCI Express 3.0 Physical Layer Testing

This webinar will explain how to prepare for PCI Express 3.0 test verification and introduce new approaches to automate transmitter and receiver tests for PCI-SIG compliance.

Receiver Testing to Third Generation Standards Webinar

With the advent of 3rd Generation Serial Standards at rates above 5 GT/sec, it is critically important to characterize receiver performance for a successful serial communication system design. This seminar, using PCI Express 3.0 and USB3 as example standards, will highlight the latest trends and illustrate important practical learnings for successful test execution.

Beyond Receiver Interoperability Testing Webinar

This 45 minute, live webinar will focus on the latest tools and techniques for properly performing jitter tolerance and stressed receiver sensitivity testing - including characterization and margin testing of next generation receivers. .

Overcoming Challenges in S-Parameter Measurements

In this webinar we will describe and demonstrate the latest tools available to perform serial data S-parameter measurements for more efficient signal integrity analysis. This versatile approach provides repeatable, accurate, cost-effective results.

New PCI Express 3.0 Testing Approaches for PHY and Protocol Layers

Tektronix recently announced new capability for testing the latest PCI Express 3.0 Revision. This new high speed serial standard presents many challenges to chip and system designers. The new revision effectively doubles the data rate while transmitting over the same PCB properties (FR-4); leading to careful management of signal integrity issues for today's designer. Learn how to manage through these and other PCI Express-related challenges with help from Tektronix experts on this webinar.


PCI Express 3.0 PLL Test MOI for Add-In Cards

This document covers the Method of Implementation (MOI) for PCI Express 3.0 Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) testing for Add-In Cards (AIC).

PCI Express 3.0 Receiver Test MOI for BASE Spec

This document covers the Method of Implementation (MOI) for PCI Express 3.0 BASE receiver testing, using BERTScope instruments.

PCI Express 3.0 System Transmitter Test MOI

This document covers the Method of Implementation (MOI) for PCI Express 3.0 CEM System transmitter testing, using DPO70000 Series Oscilloscopes.

PCI Express 3.0 Card Transmitter Test MOI

This document covers the Method of Implementation (MOI) for PCI Express 3.0 CEM card transmitter testing, using DPO70000 Series Oscilloscopes.

Methods of Implementation (MOI) for Verification+ Debug and Characterization

DPOJET Opt. PCE -- PCI Express Measurements & Setup Library

PCI Express 3.0 Receiver Test MOI for CEM Spec

This document covers the Method of Implementation (MOI) for PCI Express 3.0 CEM receiver testing, using BERTScope instruments.

PCI Express 3.0 De-embedding Method of Implementation Version 1.0

Methods of Implementation (MOI) for PCI Express 3.0 De-embedding

Related Information

Understanding and Characterizing Timing Jitter Primer

Solve jitter timing issues faster with the power of Tektronix Jitter & Timing Analysis tools.

Download Anatomy of an Eye Diagram Application Note

Learn how transmitters, channels, and receivers are tested and the different ways an eye diagram can be sliced to gain more insight.

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