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Memory technology continues to evolve to meet the application requirements. New generations like DDR4 and LPDDR3 bring higher speeds for improved performance, lower I/O voltage for reduced power consumption with support for various form factors to meet different application needs.

These factors result in debug and validation challenges as a number of new, more complex tests are required to validate and debug devices operating with tighter margins, faster edge rates and complex bus protocol.

Tektronix provides the most comprehensive tool set for memory validation and debug. For more information about our current electrical and logic validation solutions, make sure to visit the application pages below:

  • Electrical Validation for DDR:
    Capture, measure and characterize DDR memory interfaced signal behavior, jitter, eye size, crossover, strobes/clock alignment, bit errors.
  • Logic Validation for DDR:
    Capture and measure the digital logic state of the DDR memory interface and perform bus cycle based timing and protocol analysis.
  • Protocol Performance Validation for DDR:
    Capture and analyze bus commands, control timing sequences, compare results to the memory interface specification and analyze bus traffic as indicators of bus utilization and performance.

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