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Spectrum AnalyzerThe Real Time Difference - Delivering confidence to confront the most challenging microwave and RF designs.

Our RF customers have a growing need for Tektronix Spectrum Analyzers. A crowded RF spectrum, advances in digital modulation technology and ubiquitous wireless technology results in challenges in design, integration, characterization and troubleshooting. You need a signal analysis solution that can quickly detect, capture and identify RF signals.

Tektronix invented Real Time Spectrum Analysis over two decades ago with this in mind. No other spectrum analyz er family provides more confidence in testing wireless signals.

  • The DPX™ Live RF spectrum display characterizes time-variant signals to solve unexpected problems.
  • Trigger on This™ enables you to trigger on signals within signals.
  • Wideband signal search with highest probability of detection.
  • SignalVu software suite provides advanced spectrum, pulse, and vector measurement displays for in-depth root-cause analysis.


Spectrum Management

Spectrum Management

Do you want to easily find the source of intermittent interferences?

Reduce time to intercept and capture the signal of interest for mission success

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Wi-Fi Testing

Wi-Fi Testing

How do you ensure the RF module operates properly after integration?

The world's only oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer to capture time-correlated analog, digital and RF signals

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Radar Test and Electronic Warfare


Can you ensure  your radar is immune  from interference?

“Wide and deep” characterization and troubleshooting of pulsed signal systems

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Product Series Frequency Range Minimum Event Duration for 100% POI Real-Time Bandwidth Display Average Noise Level SFDR (typical) Starting Price
RSA5000BRSA5000 1 Hz - 26.5 GHz 2.7 μs 25 MHz, 40 MHz, 80 MHz, and 165 MHz -155 dBm/Hz to -167 dBm/Hz with Preamp at 2 GHz 75 dBc €22,900

Product Series Frequency Range Minimum Event Duration for 100% POI Real-Time Bandwidth Display Average Noise Level SFDR (typical) Starting Price
RSA6000 RSA6000 9 kHz - 20 GHz 3.7 μs 40 MHz - 110 MHz –167 dBm/Hz 75 dBc €69,000

Product Series Frequency Range Minimum Event Duration for 100% POI Real-Time Bandwidth Display Average Noise Level SFDR (typical) Starting Price
Specmon B SeriesSPECMON Spectrum Analyzer 1 Hz - 26.5 GHz 2.7 μs 25 MHz, 40 MHz, 85 MHz, 165 MHz –167 dBm/Hz 75 dBc Contact Us
H500 and SA2500 Spectrum AnalyzerH500/SA2500 Handheld Spectrum Analyzer 10 kHz - 6.2 GHz 125 μs* - 500 μs 20 MHz –153 dBm/Hz <70 dB €22,600

Bring the Power of Tektronix Real-Time Signal Analyzers (RTSA) to your Scope, PC or Tablet

Tektronix VSA software provides in-depth analysis of complex signals. It combines the operations of traditional spectrum analyzers and vector signal analyzers into one measurement platform.

  • It measures and displays the magnitude and phase of the acquired signal to make in-channel measurements such as constellation diagram and Error Vector Magnitude (EVM)
  • It also provides time domain plots as well as spectrum measurements such as phase noise, and power
  • In addition, markers in the time, frequency, phase and vector displays are correlated to accelerate root-cause analysis

Do you need to demodulate or analyze RF signals but don’t have a spectrum analyzer?

With Tektronix' SignalVu or SignalVu-PC software you can easily add these capabilities to a Tektronix oscilloscope or a PC.

Product Bandwidth Platform & Supported Models Purchase as Configure & Quote
SignalVu Up to 33 GHz Runs directly on MSO/DPO5000, DPO7000, DPO70000 Oscilloscope Option: Opt. SVE Contact Account Manager
SignalVu-PC Same as data captured Runs on Windows PC or Tablet
  • Live link to MDO4000B
  • Off-line analysis of any .ISF, .WFM, .IQT, .TIQ and .MAT files
Product: SignalVu-PC SVE Configure  & Quote
Vector Signal Analysis (VSA) Software

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Get your FREE RTSA Fundamentals PrimerNow Available: the Fundamentals of Real-Time Spectrum Analysis Primer!

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