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You have trusted Tektronix to provide the product to meet your testing, measurement, control and monitoring needs. Whatever your service needs, Tektronix offers a care plan that exceed your expectations. At Tektronix we strive to provide you a level of care unmatched in our industry. Instead of offering you a single service plan, we have a variety of care plans that align to your needs and budget.

All Tektronix Care Plans can be purchased in conjunction with product sale, or after product sale through our regional service sales teams.

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Service Plans

Platinum Care Plan

If you operate in an environment where even a day of being down is not acceptable, then this plan is the one for you. If you are manufacturing in a 24/7 environment, using a highly configured Automated Test Equipment (ATE) system, or monitoring a critical live video feed at a sporting event this is the plan you should consider. Learn more »

Gold Care Plan

If you are looking for a high level of care with no additional service cost over a fixed period then this is the plan for you. From covering customer caused EOS and ESD damage, to providing a loaner product of equal or higher performance if you experience a failure, this plan has the necessary features to keep you up and running at no additional cost to you. Your loaner will be shipped overnight within one day of failure notification, ensuring your downtime is less than 48 hours. Gold Care plan customers are also entitled to a discount on scheduled Factory Certified Calibrations. Learn more »

Gold Lite Care Plan

If you are looking for the high level of service offered by our Gold Care plan, but do not require a loaner product be shipped to your location, then this is the plan for you. You’ll get the benefit of no additional service cost over a fixed period, expedited repair of all product failures, including ESD and EOS, 30% off scheduled Factory-Certified Calibration and priority access to customer support, among other benefits. This plan has the necessary features to keep you up and running at no additional cost to you. Learn more »

Silver Care Plan

When paying for repair costs upfront is your primary consideration the Silver Care Plan is the one for you. We provide a simplified ordering process, the best quality of repairs, and front of the line service. Simply call Tektronix and your product is repaired and returned to like new condition, along with free safety and reliability updates. A free Factory Certified calibration is performed along with each repair. Learn more »

Calibration Plans

A fully calibrated product is essential when absolute certainty in your measurements is important. Our calibration programs are designed to provide you with peace of mind in your measurements.

Factory Certified Calibration

We offer a Factory Certified calibration program for all our Tektronix products. This is the highest level of calibration possible, with adjustments as necessary to return your product close to factory state. Learn more »

Commercial Calibration Plans

Tektronix also offers Commercial calibrations for over 130,000 products from 9000 manufacturers through Tektronix Service Solutions. Learn more »

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