ArbExpress®  Signal Generator Software

Efficient and Effortless Waveform Creation for Tektronix Signal Generators

Designers often need to validate their designs under real-world conditions, requiring complex stimulus signals during test. With ArbExpress® software, waveforms can be quickly created and transferred to Tektronix arbitrary waveform and function generators to meet custom stimulus requirements.



CSV file importEasily replicate your sensor signals or other missing system inputs by acquiring the desired signal on your oscilloscope and importing the waveform data to ArbExpress.
Comprehensive library of waveformsSave time by adapting various standard and advanced waveforms to meet your stimulus needs.
Flexible editing toolsQuickly create a custom waveform by performing math operations on waveforms or using freehand and point drawing tools.
Powerful equation editorMathematically define your waveform.
Digital marker output editorEasily generate and edit marker pulses.
Multi-waveform overlayConveniently compare and edit multiple waveforms by overlaying them.
MATLAB supportUse the command line interface to remotely control your signal generator within your MATLAB program.



Replicating Real World Signals with an Arbitrary/Function Generator

This application note will guide you through the steps required to replicate real world signals using the Tektronix AFG Series and ArbExpress software.

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