PCI Express® (PCIe) technology is used in a variety of applications including GPUs, hubs, and storage interfaces. Emerging storage interfaces such as next-generation SSD and host controller interfaces utilize NVMe* and SATA Express* protocols that reside on top of a PCIe physical layer.

Accelerate the analysis, validation, and pre-compliance testing of your PCIe design with test solutions from Tektronix. Tektronix instruments and analysis software provide the flexibility to check your PCIe design for pre-compliance or perform device characterization or protocol debug.

* To configure a solution for SATA Express or NVMe electricals, select “PCI Express” below.

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Understanding and Characterizing Jitter Primer

Timing jitter is the unwelcome companion of all electrical systems that use voltage transitions to represent timing information. This paper focuses primarily on jitter in electrical systems.

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Anatomy of an Eye Diagram Application Note

This application note discusses different ways that information from an eye diagram can be sliced to gain more insight. It also discusses some basic ways that transmitters, channels, and receivers are tested.

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PCIe Gen3 How to Video with MSO70000

This video shows how to make PCI Express Gen 3 measurements using the MSO70000 Series oscilloscope with PCE3 and SDLA software.

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