TDS3000C Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope

Performance you need at a price you can afford.

With up to 500 MHz bandwidth and 5 GS/s sample rate, the TDS3000C Oscilloscope Series provides you with the performance to visualize fast-changing signals in a compact, battery-capable design. With dedicated front-panel controls and 25 automatic measurements, the TDS3000C Series is easy to use so you spend less time re-learning how to use your oscilloscope and more time on the task at hand.

Models in the TDS3000C Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope Series: 

Model Analog Bandwidth Sample Rate Record Length Analog Channels List Price Configure and Quote Buy Online
TDS3012C 100 MHz 1.25 GS/s 10 Kpoints 2 US$5,870 Configure & Quote
TDS3014C 100 MHz 1.25 GS/s 10 Kpoints 4 US$6,960 Configure & Quote
TDS3032C 300 MHz 2.5 GS/s 10 Kpoints 2 US$8,640 Configure & Quote
TDS3034C 300 MHz 2.5 GS/s 10 Kpoints 4 US$10,000 Configure & Quote
TDS3052C 500 MHz 5 GS/s 10 Kpoints 2 US$12,400 Configure & Quote
TDS3054C 500 MHz 5 GS/s 10 Kpoints 4 US$14,400 Configure & Quote



Digital real-time samplingAccurately capture signals with at least 5x oversampling.
Digital phosphor displayQuickly capture and visualize glitches and infrequent events with a high waveform capture rate and intensity-graded display.
Advanced triggeringCapture digital signal anomalies with runt, glitch, rise/fall-time, and setup/hold violation triggers.
Dedicated front-panel controlsSpend less time learning and more time on the task at hand with front-panel controls.
Front-panel USB host portQuickly store and transfer your waveforms.
PC connectivitySimply transfer, analyze and document results with NI LabVIEW SignalExpress™ TE and Tektronix OpenChoice® Desktop software.
Just 5.9 inches (149 mm) deepFree up valuable bench space.
Battery pack (optional)Work where you need to with up to three hours of portable battery operation.
Application modules (optional)Transform your oscilloscope into a specialized instrument for limit testing, telecom mask testing, and video troubleshooting.


Differential Probe - High Voltage

Data Sheet Probe Description Configure and Quote
View Datasheet P5205A High Voltage Probe: 100 MHz, 50X/500X, 1.3 kV, Differential, BNC Configure & Quote
View Datasheet P5210A High Voltage Probe: 50 MHz, 100X/1000X, 5.6 kV, Differential, BNC Configure & Quote

Passive Probe

Data Sheet Probe Description Configure and Quote
View Datasheet P6139B Passive Probe: 500 MHz, 10X, BNC Configure & Quote

Low Voltage Probe - Single Ended

Data Sheet Probe Description Configure and Quote
View Datasheet P6243 Active Probe: 1 GHz, 10X, Single-ended, TekProbe Configure & Quote

Differential Probe - Low Voltage

Data Sheet Probe Description Configure and Quote
View Datasheet P6246 Differential Probe: 400 MHz, 1X/10X, +/- 8.5V, TekProbe Configure & Quote

Current Probe

Data Sheet Probe Description Configure and Quote
View Datasheet TCP202A Probe, AC/DC Current; DC coupled, 15 Amp Max DC; 50 MHz BW, TekProbe Lvl2 Interface; Certificate of Traceable Calibration Standard Configure & Quote
Datasheet Accessory Description
View Datasheet 1103 TekProbe Power Supply
AC3000 Soft Carrying Case

Hard Carrying Case

Software Package / Software Option Description Configure and Quote
TDS3AAM Application Module: Advanced Analysis Configure & Quote
TDS3LIM Application Module: Limit Testing Configure & Quote
TDS3TMT Application Module: Telecom Mask Testing Configure & Quote
TDS3VID Application Module: HDTV and Custom Video Triggering Configure & Quote

Silver Care (Extended Warranty)

Data Sheet Plan Description Shop Online or Learn More
View Datasheet R5

Silver Care Repair Service – 5 Years (Includes warranty)

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View Datasheet SILV400

Silver Care Repair Service Package – 5 Years (Includes warranty)

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Be Sure to Capture the Complete Picture

If an oscilloscope's sample rate isn't fast enough, transient signal details are lost, resulting in errors. Digital real-time oscilloscopes acquire signals in real time, capturing enough samples of the signal needed to faithfully reconstruct a waveform in a single acquisition cycle.

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