The MDO4000B Series is being replaced by the MDO4000C Series.
Learn more about the MDO4000C Series.

The oscilloscope that includes a logic analyzer, spectrum analyzer and protocol analyzer – all synchronized for an integrated view.

Although you can use the MDO4000B Series simply as a mixed signal oscilloscope or as a spectrum analyzer, the real power comes from the integration of the two. For the first time, you can see how your designs perform in both the time and frequency domains on a single instrument, at any instant. Use powerful trigger, search and analysis tools to zero in on analog and digital anomalies. Decode serial buses alongside waveforms. And view the RF spectrum at any point in time. With SignalVu-PC software, perform extensive analysis and troubleshooting on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® wireless signals.

Quickly solve complicated design issues with an oscilloscope as integrated as your designs.