Oscilloscope Software

Automate your testing, simplify execution and speed evaluation of your most challenging system designs using Tektronix oscilloscope software.

With more than 30 different oscilloscope software analysis packages – from technology specific measurement and compliance software, to application solutions for jitter and timing analysis, channel emulation and equalization tools – your Tektronix oscilloscope can analyze your most challenging system designs. Choose from a wide selection of Tektronix oscilloscope software.

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Application DeveloperToolkit

Available with TekScope Firmware v.6.4 or later; a set of tools which enable users access to the Tektronix Oscilloscope and measurement system to develop and deploy custom analysis capabilities. (Note: This software is automatically included in all models of this series and doesn't need to be ordered.)

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View Datasheet Opt. 10G-KR

10GBASE-KR/KR4 Compliance and Debug Solution.

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View Datasheet Opt. BRR

Automated compliance and measurement solution for BroadR-Reach 1.2.

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Opt. D-PHY, D-PHYTX Verify to the MIPI D-PHY specification by rapidly characterizing and discovering sources of jitter and signal integrity concerns using the fully flexible and customizable test setup. Using DPOJET, Option D-PHY enables transmitter high-speed data-clock timing measurements, along with a full range of electrical characteristics in high-speed or low-power modes. MSO/DPO70000 Contact Account Manager
View Datasheet Opt. DDRA

Automatically identifies DDR1, LP-DDR1, DDR2, DDR3, and GDDR3 Reads and Writes and clearly see and analyze how analog anomalies are affecting your DDR/Memory.

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View Datasheet Opt. DJA

Simplifies identifying signal integrity concerns, jitter and their related sources and provides the highest sensitivity and accuracy available for real-time oscilloscopes.

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Opt. DP12

DisplayPort 1.2 Automated Conformance Test Solutions.

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View Datasheet Opt. DPOQPI

DPOQPI is a test automation software package that Tektronix has developed working in close partnership with the Intel engineers who own the QPI V1.1 specification and test procedures. The software simplifies user operation by presenting only the features required for PHY testing of the QPI V1.1 bus that maybe needed when designing and validating node controllers.

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View Datasheet Opt. DVI

Obtain quick and dependable results with the DVI compliance oscilloscope test software. Automated testing based on objective pass/fail detection without human intervention will dramatically enhance your productivity.

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View Datasheet Opt. ET3

Automated characterization, compliance and full PHY layer support for 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX and 1000BASE-T.

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