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Breakthrough Logic Analyzer Solutions for Real-Time Digital Systems Analysis.

With a Tektronix Logic Analyzer, you can acquire fast edges with the industry's highest acquisition speed. Support packages tuned to your specific application makes it easier for you to probe, acquire, decode, analyze, and validate the performance of your microprocessor, FPGA or memory design. Learn more about our portable and modular series of logic analyzers:

  • The affordable TLA6400 Series Logic Analyzer offers the performance needed to debug, validate, and optimize the functionality of your digital system. Quickly isolate, identify, and characterize elusive and hard-to-find problems with a comprehensive set of signal integrity debug tools. Add a broad range of support for today's applications, and you have the ideal tool to help you meet all of the debug challenges of today's digital designs.

  • The modular TLA7000 Series Logic Analyzer provides the speed and flexibility you need to capture logic detail on today's fastest microprocessors and memory designs. Pinpoint the source of elusive errors and gain the visibility you want with large easy-to-read displays, fast data throughput, and time-correlated views of analog and digital signals through the same probe.
Logic Analyzers
Product Series Channels Max State Clock Rate Timing Timing Resolution Starting Price

Digital Pattern Generators
32-64 Contact Us
TLA6400 Logic Analyzer
34 - 136 667 MHz 25 GHz 40 ps US $12,200
34 - 680 800 MHz - 1.4 GHz 8 GHz - 50 GHz 20 ps - 125 ps US $21,300

The Basics of Serial Data Compliance and Validation Measurements

This primer is designed to help you understand the common aspects of serial data transmission and to explain the analog and digital measurement requirements that apply to these emerging serial technologies

PCI Express Probing Solutions with the Tektronix Protocol Analyzer

This white paper discusses how to ensure proper board design and layout for digital debug and verification using the Tektronix PCIe Protocol Analyzer.

Logic Analyzer Fundamentals

Learn the basics and benefits of logic analyzers - see how this tool can solve your debug challenges.

Simplifying Xilinx and Altera Debug

This application note focuses on the issues and techniques that can help you become more efficient when debugging your FPGA systems.

Fundamentals of Signal Integrity Primer

This primer is to provide some insight into signal integrity-related problems in digital systems, and to describe their causes, characteristics, effects, and solutions.

SDRAM Memory Systems: Embedded Test & Measurement Challenges

This DRAM memory primer provides an overview of DRAM concepts, presents potential future DRAM developments and offers an overview for memory design improvement through verification.

Cross-bus Analysis Reveals Interactions and Speeds Troubleshooting

Cross-bus analysis has become an indispensable troubleshooting methodology. This application note discusses how the powerful new logic analysis solution from Tektronix can speed your cross-bus troubleshooting requirements

Quick Signal Integrity Troubleshooting with Integrated Logic Analyzers & Oscilloscopes

Fast product development requires fast and efficient troubleshooting of signal integrity problems. Signal integrity is a growing priority as digital system designers pursue ever-higher clock and data rates...

Understanding and Performing RapidIO Testing

RapidIO architecture delivers significantly increased transmission speeds to enable the design of next-generation networking and communications equipment, but with it comes compliance and interoperability issues.

RapidIO Architecture: Building the Next-Generation Networking Infrastructure

Technical Brief describing RapidIO, a high-performance, packet-switched bus technology, that delivers the bandwidth, software independence, fault tolerance and low latency needed for the design of next-generation networking equipment in the communications market.

Logic Protocol Analysis for PCI Express Video

See how the TLA7SA00 is useful in the validation and debug of Gen1, Gen2, or Gen3 PCI Express Systems.  Perform collaborative debug and quickly root-cause system issues.

Solutions to Embedded System Design Challenges Webinar

Examine ways to improve productivity in embedded system validation and debug.


Simplifying Xilinx and Altera FPGA Debug Webinar

Learn how choosing the right FPGA debug methodology can reduce debug and validation time, the advantages and disadvantages of test equipment alternates and more.

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Logic analyzers are used for digital measurements involving numerous signals or challenging trigger requirements. In this document, you will learn about logic analyzers and how they work.

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TLA7000 Logic Analyzer Probes - Accurate digital debug with connectivity suited to your specific board or chip configuration.

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