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I'm in need of a adjustment procedure for a TX3 DMM.
When the TX3 (orTX1) were in production Tektronix offered a Calibration datsheet.  When used with the original WaveStar software it provided the ability to preform verfication/adjusment of the TX1 or TX3.  Since both models went out of...
This FAQ applies to:
TX1, TX3
How to open saved r3a or .r3f files.
Option 1: You can play back .r3f files with Tektronix SignalVu-PC-SVE software application (version 3.6.0043 or greater).  The base software is a free program and is available for download at (search for 06614307)....
This FAQ applies to:
RSA306, SignalVU PC SVE
80A06 compatible with DSA8300
The 80A06 is not compatible with the DSA8300.
This FAQ applies to: 80A06
DPO/MSO5104B with FW 7.2.0 or 7.3.0 SPC Failure
If the instrument is running firmware 7.2.0 or 7.3.0 and you have 4 traces on sceen that are postioned away from zero, running SPC could fail. If you press the front panel user "Default Setup", run SPC and it passes, upgrading the instrument to FW 7...
This FAQ applies to:
DPO5034B, DPO5054B, DPO5104B, DPO5204B, MSO5034B, MSO5054B, MSO5104B, MSO5204B
TPP0250, TPP0500, TPP1000, or TPP0500B Intermittent or No Probe Signal
The internal probe tip may have come loose and is causing the loss or intermittency of the signal.How to check:Pull off probe tip.Unscrew black insulation sleeve (item 2).Look at inner probe tip that is still on the probe.  You will see a metal...
This FAQ applies to:
TPP0250, TPP0500, TPP0500B, TPP1000
How to activate the 30 day free Trials in SignalVu-PC
After installing SignalVu-PC, launch the application.Under the Tools menu, select “Manage Licenses. Select what option(s) you would like to activate for the 30-day demo (If multiple options, each will have to be activated one by one. After...
This FAQ applies to:
RSA306, RSA3303B, RSA3308B, RSA3408B, RSA5106B, RSA5115B, RSA5126B, RSA6106B, RSA6114B, RSA6120B, SignalVU PC SVE, SIGNALVU-PC-SVE
WaveStar software Compatibility with Win 7.
WaveStar is compatible with Win 7. Please refer to the attached doc for further details.
This FAQ applies to: WSTRO
TBS1000B 3.25 Firmware won't install.
It may be that the file name is incorrect.  If the downloaded file name has a "_1" or "_3" at the end of the file, please rename the file name without those values and try again. The filename should be "TBS1KB.TEK".
This FAQ applies to:
TBS1052B, TBS1052B-EDU, TBS1072B, TBS1072B-EDU, TBS1102B, TBS1102B-EDU, TBS1152B, TBS1152B-EDU, TBS1202B, TBS1202B-EDU
Difference between TBS1000B and TBS1000B-EDU series.
TBS1000B series: Include Limit tests, data logging, and trend plots (non-EDU models only) TBS1000B-EDU series: Include Educational courseware integrated in the instrument (EDU models only)        
This FAQ applies to:
TBS1052B, TBS1052B-EDU, TBS1072B, TBS1072B-EDU, TBS1102B, TBS1102B-EDU, TBS1152B, TBS1152B-EDU, TBS1202B, TBS1202B-EDU
What do the red/green lights on the RSA306 indicate?
Solid Green:  Instrument has finished boot-up up and is ready to connect or operate.Red: Unable to power up, or re-booting the instrumentFlashing green: Transferring data
This FAQ applies to: RSA306

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