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What do the Enhanced Measurement Options in the PCIe PLL Bandwidth Tester application for the CR286A do?
In 8G mode only, some DUT’s are sensitive to the initialization routine, which involves forcing a re-lock of the DUT PLL several times to optimize the peaking measurement.The “Standard” selection uses a method that toggles the CR divider reset to...
This FAQ applies to:
CR286A, CR125A, CR175A
What feature does the DPO4BND included?
DPO4BND includes the features for the following modules.·         DPO4AERO·         DPO4AUDIO·         DPO4AUTO·...
This FAQ applies to: DPO4BND
I'm in need of a adjustment procedure for a TX3 DMM.
When the TX3 (or TX1) were in production Tektronix offered a Calibration datsheet.  When used in conjunction with WaveStar software it provided the ability to perform verfication/adjusment of the TX1 or TX3.  Since the TX1 and TX3 went out...
This FAQ applies to:
TX1, TX3
What is the maximum USB memory device supported for the THS3000?
The maximum USB memory size supported is 2 Gb. 
This FAQ applies to:
THS3014, THS3024
How do I place an order for anemometers or anemometer service?
Contact our team at 410-842-1005 or
Does Tektronix offer Phase Sequence Indicators?
Yes, Tektronix manufactures the model 34 Phase Sequence Indicator. These are sold exclusively by our distributor Cole Parmer:Phase Sequence Indicator ...
Does Tektronix offer Gel Timers?
Yes, Tektronix manufactures the 22A Sunshine Gel Time Meter. These are sold exclusively by our distributor Cole Parmer:Sunshine Gel Time Meter For...
Does Tektronix offer Anemometers?
Tektronix manufactures the Intrinsically Safe Davis Anemometers. These instruments are sold exclusively through Tektronix’ Anemometer Distributors:Cole ParmerUnited Central Industrial Supply COFairmont Supply Company IncCarroll Engineering...
Does Tektronix offer Product Testing or Package Testing services?
Yes, Tektronix offers a wide range of product testing services. As leading product testing experts, we provide the following services:Battery Testing & QualificationCapacitor QualificationClimatic Product TestingConnector Testing &...
How can Zero Check be enabled/disabled using IVI drivers with LabVIEW (LV) for 6485
This FAQ applies to: 6485