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Difference between TBS1000B and TBS1000B-EDU series.
TBS1000B series: Include Limit tests, data logging, and trend plots (non-EDU models only) TBS1000B-EDU series: Include Educational courseware integrated in the instrument (EDU models only)        
This FAQ applies to:
TBS1052B, TBS1052B-EDU, TBS1072B, TBS1072B-EDU, TBS1102B, TBS1102B-EDU, TBS1152B, TBS1152B-EDU, TBS1202B, TBS1202B-EDU
What do the red/green lights on the RSA306 indicate?
Solid Green:  Instrument has finished boot-up up and is ready to connect or operate.Red: Unable to power up, or re-booting the instrumentFlashing green: Transferring data
This FAQ applies to: RSA306
How can I tell if the RSA306 is connected?
When first plugged in, the RSA306 status light is red.  When a successful connection is made and the RSA306 boots up, the light turns green.  (This takes about 5 seconds.)  When green, it is ready to communicate with the PC.If you...
This FAQ applies to: RSA306
How can I tell if my PC is USB 3.0?
The best way is to ask Windows.  In Windows 7, from the Start button, open Control Panel and select Device Manager.  In Windows 8, search on ‘Device Manager’, select it and look for USB 3.0 as shown belowThe USB installation is detailed in...
This FAQ applies to: RSA306
What’s the longest USB 3.0 cable I can use with the RSA306?
The instrument ships with a 1M USB 3.0 cable.  If a longer cable is needed, purchase a high quality cable.  The RSA306 is powered by the USB 3.0 cable, and draws about 800 milliamps when operating.  Lower quality cables may have...
This FAQ applies to: RSA306
SignalVu-PC Live Link cannot find my RSA306.
In older PCs, the latest manufacturer’s drivers for the PC and for the processor may need to be installed.  Check on the website of your PC manufacturer and at the Intel website for the latest drivers for your PC.
This FAQ applies to: RSA306
Where do I get the USB driver for the RSA306?
It is installed when you install SignalVu-PC SVE or the application programming interface.  The driver is also available separately on the USB thumb-drive included with the RSA306 .
This FAQ applies to: RSA306
What if my disk drive doesn’t meet the write-speed requirement for my RSA306?
If a disk drive with streaming storage rates <300 MB/sec is used, you will not be able to stream data to the drive without gaps.  The unit will still write to the drive, but it will not be seamless.  All other functions will work,...
This FAQ applies to: RSA306
What PC should I get to work with the RSA306?
Any PC that meets the performance requirements should work.  Tektronix doesn’t make a specific recommendation, but a list of models we’ve evaluated is shown below.  In one case, we’ve found an Intel core i5-based tablet (Surface 3 Pro)...
This FAQ applies to: RSA306
What are the PC hardware requirements to run the RSA306 with SignalVu-PC or the API?
A PC with Windows 7, Windows 8/ 8.1 64-bit operating system and a USB 3.0 connection is required for operation of the RSA306. 8 GB RAM and 20 GB free drive space is required for installation of SignalVu-PC.  For full performance of the real...
This FAQ applies to: RSA306

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