Tektronix Encore means we have tested, calibrated and reconditioned our products to original factory specs. The latest firmware and accessories are always included – so they are just like new. For less.

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Save 70%
Tektronix Encore starting at $3,210

  • 0.01% Basic Accuracy
  • Input voltage range of 2V to 2000V peak
  • Customizable with 1 to 4 Channels, GPIB and 15V Power Output


RSA306Save 50%
Tektronix Encore starting at $1,745

  • 9 kHz to 6.2 GHz frequency range
  • 40 MHz bandwidth
  • Comes with SignalVu PC


AWG7122CSave 40%
Tektronix Encore

  • 10 bit vertical resolution
  • Maximum Output frequency of 4.8 GHz or 9.8 GHz with Interleaved Option 6