Calibration Service Plans

Delivering Unmatched Measurement Confidence

A Tektronix Calibration Service plan is the most efficient way to ensure specified performance over the lifetime of your Tektronix instrument, or instrument from one of over 9000 other providers. It also guarantees continuous compliance with international quality and traceability standards. A range of convenient and affordable plans are available, including Single Source Provider Calibration Service plans for all your instruments, irrespective of vendor origin.

Key features
  • Verification of specifications using manufacturer-developed procedures
  • Adjustment as necessary to restore performance to specifications
  • Updates to instrument firmware
  • Minor repairs when needed
  • Installation of reliability and safety updates
  • Traceability to national metrology institutes
  • Certificate of Traceable Calibration
  • Maintenance of reverse traceability records
  • Optional test data report

Calibration Service plans

Whether you're making electronic measurements on a brand-new circuit design or spot-checking one unit out of thousands in production, you want to be certain that your results are accurate and your methods compliant with standards. Measurements are critical to your success. Ultimately they are part of the products you create.

With a Tektronix Calibration Service plan you can be confident in the measurement results your instruments produce. The table below summarizes the available service alternatives.

Plan Features
Factory-certified Service Accredited and traceable calibration
Adjustments included where necessary
Applicable software, safety, and reliability updates
Calibration records retention
Single Source Provider Calibration Service Certified and accredited calibration facilities and personnel
Over 130,000 instrument models covered from 9000 manufacturers
On-site service at your facility or in our mobile or fixed labs


You count on your instruments to deliver their specified performance year after year. It's what measurement confidence is all about. The best way to ensure that performance is to follow a rigorous calibration schedule, adhering to the recommended calibration interval for each particular instrument. And there is no better resource for calibration of your instrument than Tektronix, a pioneer in the test and measurement industry.


Compliance with regional and international standards is a key end-product of any credible calibration procedure. Your Tektronix instruments must be calibrated to globally accepted standards so that their results – the results that impact your product's quality – can be trusted.

Both accredited and fully traceable calibration levels are available. Accreditation guarantees that compliant calibration facilities and procedures will be used. Traceability ties the accuracy of your calibration to a hierarchy of measurement references that begins with the tools that calibrate your instrument, and ends with the standardized weights and measures residing in national laboratories such as NIST in the U.S.

Tektronix personnel, facilities, and equipment are certified and/or accredited, where applicable, to the following standards:

  • ISO/IEC 17025:2005 
  • ANSI/NCSL Z540.1-1994(R2002)
  • ISO 9001:2008 

A Tektronix traceable or accredited calibration plan ensures your instruments maintain traceability and can meet regulatory requirements needed in many industries. Using compliant tools fosters confidence in both the measurement results and the end-products whose performance depends on those measurements.


Tektronix Calibration Service plans are convenient and easy to use. Flexible delivery options include a choice of Factory-certified or Single Source Provider calibration. Both our Factory-certified and Commercial calibrations can be delivered through our labs and on-site. Recognizing that your instruments are often part of a critical design or production path, every plan is designed to provide fast turnaround. Most Tektronix calibration steps are performed using automated procedures. The process is thorough yet efficient, delivering excellent performance in minimal time.

With a Factory-certified Service plan, your instrument will get priority, placing it ahead of the on-demand queue and minimizing the time the instrument is out of circulation. Online tools are available 24/7 to track your instrument's progress. Calibration Due notices help you keep track of your instrument's calibration intervals, sparing you the administrative effort of monitoring them.

Single Source Provider Service plans offer calibration performed on your schedule, in your facility, using the same tests and tools as a Factory-certified calibration. Whether your choose Factory-certified or Commercial, you get assured compliance and measurement confidence.

Cost effectiveness

Tektronix multiyear calibration service plans are discounted when compared to an equivalent level of on-demand service, making the plans the most affordable way to get Tektronix service quality (and the guaranteed performance that it brings) over the life of your instrument.

Your calibration service plan is a contract protected against price increases and budget “surprises”. If you opt for Factory-certified service, the plans include free shipping, avoiding another cost that adds up over the course of years' worth of trips to and from the service facility.

A Tektronix Calibration Service plan delivers measurement confidence while supporting your business needs for a fixed and predictable cost of ownership.

Calibration service offerings

Calibration deliverable

Z540 Calibration 1

ISO17025 Compliant 1

ISO17025 Accredited

Certificate of calibration and calibration label designed to meet audit requirements X X X
Firmware updates, if applicable, along with safety and reliability updates 2 X X X
OEM procedures for measurements 2 X X X
Test data Optional Included Included
Calibration Due notice X X X
Calibration record retention X X X
Reverse traceability X X X
Uncertainty analysis   X X
Independent verification by a ISO/IEC accredited organization (with logo on certificate)     X

Global resources

1 May be ISO 9001 in specific locations.

2 Standard with Factory-certified service. May cost more, or not be available with Commercial.

Calibration purchasing options

Plan type Advantage
Factory-certified Calibration Service option at product purchase (Option C3, C5) Lower cost than on-demand calibration events
Single Source Provider Calibration Service Customized contracts tailored to your needs

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