WVR6000/7000 Waveform Rasterizer

From analog to advanced digital video in one platform.

Ideal for multi-format environments, the Tektronix family of waveform rasterizers provides flexible options and field-installable upgrade kits to monitor diverse video types including Dual-Link, SD/HD SDI and Composite Analog.

FlexVu™ is a powerful multi-tile display feature that enables virtually unlimited user definable combinations of displays including multiple status displays, closed caption displays, teletext displays and different safe area graticules in each tile.

WVR6000/7000 Waveform Rasterizer Related Information

Save up to $8200 on a WVR7000 or WFM7000

WFM7120For a limited time, buy a Tektronix WFM7020, 7120, WVR7020 or 7120 and receive the following options free: HD, SIM (Dual inputs) and DAT (ANC Data).

Understanding Colors & Gamut Poster

Understanding Colors and Gamut This poster provides a quick graphical reference to understand gamut and how to correct gamut problems within the video signal.

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Video Test and Monitoring solutions include Baseband Video, MPEG Video and Video Quality & Service Assurance.

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