WFM2300 Multiformat, Multistandard Portable Waveform Monitor

A comprehensive portable monitoring tool for field applications

The WFM2300 waveform monitor is an ideal tool for field applications offering physical layer measurements (Eye & Jitter), cable simulation and margin test capabilities all in one portable instrument. In addition, the WFM2300 provides an array of basic video / audio monitoring tools with test signal generation features supporting a wide range of interfaces (SDI - SD / HD / Dual Link / optional 3G / optional ASI, optional optical and HDMI SFP interface, discrete AES/EBU, LTC, Composite Sync) to quickly isolate, diagnose and resolve system issues and enable effective setup. A range of accessories expand the versatility of the WFM2300 for field operations.

Models in the WFM2300 Multiformat, Multistandard Portable Waveform Monitor Series: 

Model Formats Features Measurements Monitoring Generator Options Form Factor List Price
WFM2300 SD, HD, Dual Link, 3G (Option 3G), ASI (Option ASI), Optical (Option SFP), HDMI (Option SFP-HDMI) Waveform, Vector, Picture, Audio, Gamut, Status, Measure, Generator, Physical    Timing display, Status display, Data Analysis (Option DATA), A/V delay and propagation time measurements (Option AVDP) SDI, ASI (Option ASI), Optical (Option SFP), HDMI (Option SFP-HDMI), AES/EBU, LTC, Analog sync pulse Video, Audio and Dolby E (Option DBE) test signal Tablet; AC, Replaceable / Rechargeable battery Get Price
Portable form factorIdeal for field applications or remote locations.
Rechargeable / replaceable battery systemUse the unit for extended periods of time with the easy to install replaceable battery.
4 Tile monitoringSee all the necessary signal information at a glance, with flexible configuration to suit your application.
Physical layer measurementsIsolate an issue quickly to shorten the system downtime.
Cable simulation and margin testQuickly set up the system ensuring stable operation.
Multi physical interfaces support (SDI, ASI, Optical, HDMI, AES/EBU, LTC, Composite sync)Use the unit to diagnose any issues in broadcasting without the need for other tools.
ANC Data Inspector, Data List, Closed caption decodeTroubleshoot problems within ANC data of the signal.
Analog External Reference signal monitoring with waveform displayCheck the quality of sync pulse signal for stable system operation. Along with Tektronix patented Timing display to ensure synchronization of the facility.
Multi-format video and audio Generator with AES/Embedded test tones and Dolby E Test streamQuick signal path verification during system and/or equipment setup and troubleshooting.
16-channel embedded AES audio monitoringMonitor audio levels on 16 channels simultaneously.
Loudness meterVerify that the audio levels are within loudness measurement limits.
Datasheet Accessory Description
WFM200BA Rechargeable battery pack for replacement
WFM200BC External Battery Recharge Unit

Tips & Tricks: Using the Lightning display in Camera Set Up

The Lightning display provides both amplitude and interchannel timing information for the three channels of a component signal – within a single display. Download this Tips & Tricks to find out how to use it in Camera Set Up.

SDI Eye and Jitter Measurements

Reliable transmission of the SDI signal is dependent on a variety of factors. This guide explains how to use the WFM2300 to inspect the performance of the SDI signal and determine possible problems with the link.

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