Sentry ABR

Proactively Monitor ABR Content Throughout Your Network

Sentry ABR is a post-origin measurement device that focuses on QoS using a combination of “active” and “passive” monitoring. Sentry ABR’s “active” monitoring proactively monitors ABR content on origin servers or CDN caching servers and requests and validates program playlists / manifests that it has been configured to monitor. 

Sentry ABR’s “passive” monitoring focuses on user sessions that are passing through the location in the network where the Sentry Passive ABR probe is located, allowing operators to monitor the overall traffic.  This passive ability allows for the collection and reporting in real-time of key performance indicators for actual network usage, including frequency of profile transitions, aggregate user session trends, IP sources and destinations requested, etc.   With active and passive capabilities, Sentry ABR gives service providers a more complete picture of the end user experience.

Models in the Sentry ABR Series: 

Model Monitoring Analysis Network Interfaces List Price
VNM-PABR Passive monitoring of user sessions on a specific location in the network: post origin server, post caching server, or a specific region of interest. Provides real-time aggregated performance information on number of sessions, type of clients, and bit rates. Tracks the number of profile transitions or interruptions by user session and allows operators to drill down into detailed information for each user or origin server IP 10GbE Get Price
Sentry ABR (active) Active ABR post-fragmentation monitoring, proactively monitors ABR content on origin or caching servers and provides video and audio QOS metrics Calculates the availability and performance metrics of all the fragments of each profile/representation for each program and generates alerts in real-time IP (1000BASE-T and 10GbE options) Get Price



Supports Apple’s HTTP Live Streaming and MPEG DASH protocols with HTTP statistics Supports some of the most popular ABR streaming formats-- esp. for iPad and iPod devices.
Proactively monitors all available ABR “media” and “network” from content acquisition (source) to the edge of the network. Enables proactive and comprehensive quality assurance monitoring of all video assets for ABR streaming.
Fetches playlist/manifest files and fragments from any place on the network (e.g., origin servers or CDN caching servers) to validate availability and performance of all profiles. Helps service providers detect problems before a large group of subscribers are impacted
Validates all assets, bitrate profiles, and manifest files based on a highly parallel HTTP fragment fetching engine Gives service providers a lower cost per stream solution for monitoring ABR
Top level manifest file validation is used to automatically discover the sub-stream manifest URLs, fetched in real time at the manifest-indicated rate Provides ease-of-use and saves initital configuration time
Alerts on any mismatch in the bitrate of the sub streams; missing segments (HTTP errors); and excessive segment-fetching latency Provides a more reliable way of validating the bit rate
Reports on the availability of all input manifests (programs) over the network, and their sub streams in the familiar Sentry-product style Enables proactive and comprehensive quality assurance monitoring of all video assets for ABR streaming.
A reduced input bitrate mode is available for customers sensitive to monitoring equipment "load” Avoids overloading the ABR network/server
Supports existing alert functionality and reporting capability (including alert dashboard, and program availability, with 60-day historical reporting). Provide users the familiar Sentry user interface without having to relearn a new system
Supports up to 250 top manifests Up to 250 top manifests translates into a much higher monitoring capacity as each manifest can support up to 12 representations of each program.
Supports both 1G and 10G interfaces Sentry ABR can be placed throughout the network for maximum ABR monitoring coverage



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