Proactively Monitor ABR Content Throughout Your Network

Sentry ABR is a post-origin measurement device that focuses on QoS using a combination of “active” and “passive” monitoring. Sentry ABR’s “active” monitoring proactively monitors ABR content on origin servers or CDN caching servers and requests and validates program playlists / manifests that it has been configured to monitor. 

Sentry ABR’s “passive” monitoring focuses on user sessions that are passing through the location in the network where the Sentry Passive ABR probe is located, allowing operators to monitor the overall traffic.  This passive ability allows for the collection and reporting in real-time of key performance indicators for actual network usage, including frequency of profile transitions, aggregate user session trends, IP sources and destinations requested, etc.   With active and passive capabilities, Sentry ABR gives service providers a more complete picture of the end user experience.