Resolve design challenges quickly with Tektronix test instrumentation specifically for DisplayPort Source and Sink testing. With DisplayPort Test automation from Tektronix, simply select the desired tests to run and work on other tasks while DisplayPort Source & Sink tests are being executed

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The Basics of Serial Data Compliance and Validation Measurements

This primer is designed to help you understand the common aspects of serial data transmission and to explain the analog and digital measurement requirements that apply to these emerging serial technologies

Understanding and Characterizing Timing Jitter Primer

Timing jitter is the unwelcome companion of all electrical systems that use voltage transitions to represent timing information. This paper focuses primarily on jitter in electrical systems.

Triggering Fundamentals With Pinpoint® Triggering and Event Search & Mark for DPO7000

This document discusses some fundamentals of triggering, and how Pinpoint triggering takes triggering in real-time oscilloscopes to a new level.

Serial Data Transmitter & Link Analysis

Fast+ Efficient Solutions for DVI Conformance Measurement Challenges

Tektronix provides all the DVI measurement solutions you need, ranging from high-bandwidth digital phosphor oscilloscopes (DPO) to probes to application-specific software. Tektronix has solved tough measurement problems like jitter and eye diagram tests to assemble a DVI solution that automates and simplifies your work.

Display Testing Solutions

Support for PHY Layer Testing of Source, Sink and Cable


Automating DisplayPort Compliance Measurements

This webinar will provide engineers with an update on DisplayPort Serial Bus technology and recommended measurement approaches for compliance testing.

Tips for Fast+ Efficient Debug of Serial Buses Webinar

Many embedded systems today utilize serial buses like I2C, SPI and USB for chip to chip communications and peripheral control. In this webinar, you'll learn how to debug these systems quickly with automated decode, trigger and search on common serial bus topologies. This approach will save hours of debugging time by automating the serial decoding process. Learn how to capture common serial bus traffic on an oscilloscope and view in a decoded format, helpful steps showing how to quickly debug signaling and electrical issues found in these serial buses, and more. The speaker Chris Loberg is a Senior Marketing Manager at Tektronix

Acting on Impulse: Equalization and Emphasis Webinar

Learn how equalization can turn the tables on signal path effects.

Overcoming Challenges in S-Parameter Measurements

In this webinar we will describe and demonstrate the latest tools available to perform serial data S-parameter measurements for more efficient signal integrity analysis. This versatile approach provides repeatable, accurate, cost-effective results.

Automating DisplayPort Compliance Measurement

This webinar will provide engineers with an update on DisplayPort Serial Bus technology and recommended measurement approaches for compliance testing.

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Understanding and Characterizing Timing Jitter Primer

Solve jitter timing issues faster with the power of Tektronix Jitter & Timing Analysis tools.

Download Anatomy of an Eye Diagram Application Note

Learn how transmitters, channels, and receivers are tested and the different ways an eye diagram can be sliced to gain more insight.

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