Can Tektronix Digital Storage Oscilloscopes export XY Display mode waveform data in a single file?


Tektronix Digital Storage Oscilloscopes XY Display mode waveform data is displayed by taking the voltage amplitude portion of the real-time YT voltage vs. time waveforms simultaneously acquired on channel 1 and channel 2 (or channel 3 an 4 on some models), and displaying the voltage of channel 1 against the voltage of channel 2.  Figure 1 shows two channels displayed in XY mode.

Xy plot

Figure 1: XY Display mode on the oscilloscope

XY Display mode waveforms may not be exported as a single waveform data file.  Instead, the two channel waveforms may be exported either by saving on portable media (depending on the scope), or by retrieving the data onto the PC using data acquisition software, then graphed. Because you can save the data in CSV format, you can use many software options to graph your data, including Tektronix Wavestar for Oscilloscopes software, Microsoft Office Excel, or any third-party Windows graphing software. Figure 2 show the two channels of data graphed in Excel.


Figure 2: Graphing the XY plot in Excel

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