The task of isolating and eliminating signal integrity problems anywhere in a system’s is challenging. Tektronix delivers the bandwidth and time-saving features you need to properly address high-speed signal deviations, quickly locate and trace faults back to their source and eliminate schedule delays and reliability issues.

  • TLA7000 Logic Analyzer is ideal for pinpointing protocol or logic layer system issues quickly. With deep trigger systems and comprehensive viewing tools that span from the PHY Layer to the Protocol and Transaction Layer.
  • Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes allow signal integrity measurements up to 20 analog and digital channels with a single instrument with models ranging in analog bandwidth of 100MHz up to 20GHz.
  • Mixed Domain Oscilloscopes provide unique insight across the time and frequency domains for a complete view of complicated signal integrity challenges. View the RF spectrum at any point in time to see how it changes with time or device state.


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