AWG70000 Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Setting the standard for Arbitrary Waveform Generation

The industry-leading AWG70000 Series arbitrary waveform generator represents the cutting edge in sample rate, signal fidelity, and waveform memory.

The ability to create, generate, or replicate ideal, distorted, or “real-life” signals is essential in design, testing and operations of some of the world’s most complex components, systems and experiments. The AWG70000 Series, with up to 50 GS/s and 10-bit vertical resolution, delivers the industry's best signal stimulus solution, enabling easy generation of complex signals.



Leading Edge AWG Performance
  • Sample Rates up to 50 GS/s
  • 8, 9 or 10 bits of vertical resolution
  • 16 GSamples waveform memory
Generate high precision RF signals Spurious Free Dynamic Range performance down to -80 dBc
Multiple sample rate AWGs available for 2-channel units
  • 8 GSamples/s on two channels
  • 16 GSamples/s on two channels
  • 25 GSamples/s on two channels
Simulate real-world analog effects on high speed digital data streams

Model signal impairments such as rise time, jitter, etc up to speeds of
12 Gb/s

Complete solution for wideband RF signal generation in a single instrument Direct generation of wideband signals with carriers up to 20 GHz, removing the need for external RF Up-Conversion
Create high speed baseband signals for optical transmission with the vertical resolution to handle higher order complex modulation 8, 9 or 10 bits of vertical resolution at sample rates up to 50 GS/s
Create sequences of waveforms Create large sequences of waveforms with 16k+ steps
  • Pattern jump
  • Independent channels
  • Independent waveforms with different waveform lengths
Create long waveforms scenarios without building complex sequences Up to 16 GSamples of Waveform Memory plays 320 ms of data at 50 GS/s
Multi-Unit synchronization Create a multi-channel high speed AWG system
Fully operational without external PC Built-in display and buttons make it possible to quickly select, edit and play waveforms directly from the front panel of the AWG
Simulate real-world environments by playing back capture signals Waveforms captured with Oscilloscopes or Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers can be played back, edited or re-sampled on the AWG70000
Smooth transition from simulation to the real-world testing environment Waveform Files Imported from Third-party Tools such as MATLAB®, MathCAD®, Excel™ and others
RFXpress software allows for easy waveform creation RF waveform creation including Radar, Multi-Tone, OFDM and up to 16QAM optical signals


Datasheet Accessory Description



AWG70K Option AC Internal amplifier/attenuator: -70dBm to +18dBm from 1010MHz to 18GHz
Amplifiers Tektronix provides a complete line of amplifiers including a 12.5 Gb/s lithium niobate driver amplifier and a series of broadband linear amplifiers with bandwidths up to 45 GHz.
Baluns Tektronix baluns are an effective means for using single-ended test equipment (AWGs) for taking differential measurements.
Bias Tees Tektronix bias tees are used to supply an active device like an amplifier, laser diode, photodiode, or optical modulator with a bias current or bias voltage while allowing high speed, ultra-broadband signals to pass through with minimum signal
Power Splitters Tektronix Power Dividers are resistive tees that have excellent performance and frequency response from DC to as high as 50 GHz. 



AN Using an AWG For Threat Generation

AN Using an AWG For Threat Generation

Using the Sequencer on Tektronix AWG 70000A Series Instruments

The sequencer option on the AWG70000A Series enables and improves waveform output capabilities dramatically. Not only does it allow the user to run a series of waveforms automatically but it also allows for complex/pattern jumping, flag outputs, subsequences, batch compilation.

Using Tektronix AWG70000 Series in Synchronous and Multiple Unit Applications

Understand the trigger and clocking specifications and the external setup configuration of the AWG70000 to achieve maximum performance of in synchronous applications.

High-Speed DACs

Explore the most important topics to make you familiar with the DACs used in AWGs today.

Creating Signals That Look Real to Radar

What's the best solution to help you create complex radar test signals at the highest frequencies? Our new application note, “Radar Signal Generation with a High-Performance AWG,” answers that question and explains much more.

Baseband Response Characterization of I-Q Modulators

This application note provides a brief theory on the sources causing the modulation error and detailed steps of how to characterize the I-Q modulator to correct for these errors.

Coherent Optical Signal Generation with High-Performance AWG

Learn how instrument characteristics and performance level of the AWG70000 influence the ability to generate different modulation schemes and the way the instrument’s flexibility can be used to compensate for internal and external device imperfections and to emulate component and link distortions.

10 Things about the AWG70000 Series

Understanding AWG70000A Series Frequency Response and DAC Performance

Gain an understanding of the AWG frequency response characteristics and time domain specifications, plus DAC details and how to interpret them.

Using the AWG70000 Series technology to generate 30Gbaud data rate in an OFDM-16QAM modulation format.

Joint paper authorized by Alcatel-Lucent and Tektronix which illustrates the use of AWG70000 Series technology to generate 30Gbaud data rate in an OFDM-16QAM modulation format.


Increasing Spectral Efficiency through Coherent Optical Signal Generation

This webinar provides viewers with an extensive overview of coherent optic signals, including: key fundamentals, how to create and generate coherent optic signals, test equipment challenges and how to use high speed arbitrary waveform generators to provide high baud rate test signaling.

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