What is Metrology?

Metrology ensures that your calibrated instruments deliver accurate results with provable validity. The mission of metrology is to maintain measurement standards, to develop effective new methods, and to ensure that measurements are accepted uniformly around the world.

Why calibrate? Your instruments need to be calibrated against known standards so their results can be trusted to have a universally accepted meaning. Metrology is the science that supports this trust—in both the "meaning" and the measurements:

  • Metrology defines calibration and ensures predictable performance from your measurement tools.
  • Metrology is the discipline that defines standards and codifies accreditation and traceability.
  • Metrology expertise is at the heart of Tektronix' reputation for accuracy, precision, and performance.

Without metrology and its standards, acceptance of products and measurements between nations and customers would be significantly more difficult. At Tektronix, metrology professionals guide calibration policies and procedures at accredited calibration facilities around the world.

When you choose Tektronix as your service provider, you get the benefit of an experienced metrology staff plus seasoned technicians applying deep product-specific knowledge. The result? Services guaranteed to be of the highest quality in the industry.

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