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Tektronix Service can help you realize cost savings, focus on core competencies, and minimize downtime through our extraordinary breadth of capabilities and depth of knowledge.

Tektronix is a recognized leader in both Factory-Certified Service of Tektronix equipment and for Multi-Vendor Service (MVS), calibration, repair and related service for a wide range of test and measurement equipment, regardless of manufacturer. For companies with test, measurement and control instrumentation, Tektronix service offers unparalleled breadth of calibration and repair capabilities and a suite of value added services, going well beyond Tektronix products.

Through the most extensive network of global locations, Tektronix’s service options provide improved turnaround time, quality and value across more than 140,000 products from 9000-plus manufacturers. We brought together our Factory-Certified and Multi-Vendor Service capabilities so you can focus on your business and keep your test, measurement, and control equipment operating at the quality you and your customers expect.

Factory Certified Calibration and Repair of Tektronix Equipment

We offer a suite of Factory-Certified repair and calibration programs for all our Tektronix products. Learn more »


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