Tektronix test solutions provide engineers with a completely automated, simple, and efficient way to test SATA Gen1, Gen2, and Gen3 6 Gb/s hosts and devices according to the requirements of the SATA-IO. In addition, Tektronix offers a leading set of verification and debug tools for hosts and devices according to the requirements of the SAS-3 specification. These include automated transmitter validation software as well as receiver automation for equipment calibration and receiver testing.

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Understanding and Characterizing Jitter Primer

Timing jitter is the unwelcome companion of all electrical systems that use voltage transitions to represent timing information. This paper focuses primarily on jitter in electrical systems.

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Anatomy of an Eye Diagram Application Note

This application note discusses different ways that information from an eye diagram can be sliced to gain more insight. It also discusses some basic ways that transmitters, channels, and receivers are tested.

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Basics of Serial Data Compliance and Validation Measurements

This primer is designed to help you understand the common aspects of serial data transmission and to explain the analog and digital measurement requirements that apply to these emerging serial technologies.

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