The quest for ever-higher energy efficiency is placing new demands on designers and test instruments alike. Standby power constraints, higher switching speeds and signal ranges, lower-leakage semiconductor devices, as well as the use of SiC and GaN power modules are pushing test conditions to new extremes. At Tektronix we understand these evolving requirements and offer power test solutions for design validation, characterization, performance testing and certification.


Power Energy Efficiency

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Power Supply Measurements Primer

This primer focuses on switch-mode power supply design measurements with an oscilloscope and application-specific software.

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Fundamentals of AC Power Measurements App Note

This application note introduces the basic concepts of power measurements and defines of key terms such as: root mean square, real power, apparent power, power factor, crest factor and harmonic Distortion

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High Power Semiconductor Device Test

This selection guide provides the information you need to select the best hardware and software for your power device characterization requirements.

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