Power Analyzer

Power analysis for all electrical products

Tektronix power analyzers provide accurate measurements on the complex real-world waveforms of power supplies and inverters as well as on the home, office and industrial electrical products that contain them. The PA series of power analyzer / wattmeter instruments provide precise measurements of power (watts), power factor, harmonics and efficiency via PWRVIEW PC software as well as on their color graphics displays.

Product Series Number of Channels Range Basic Accuracy (V & I) Range Max voltage Input Range Max Current Input Range Measurements Starting Price

PA1000 Single-Phase AC Power Analyzer
1 0.05% reading + 0.05% range 600 VRMS 20 ARMS Vrms, Irms, Watts, VA, VAr, freq, power factor, crest factor, harmonics, THD, phase angle, Vpeak, Ipeak, W-Hr, VA-Hr, A-Hr US$2,850

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