High Availability Service Plan

Key features
  • Significantly reduced downtime due to product failure or calibration
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Hassle-free on-site calibration available
  • Critical spare parts dedicated to covered products available
  • Priority access to technical support personnel
  • Expedited repair of any failed product available
  • Manufacturer quality calibrations done to the accredited certification standards

Priority care

What is the cost of downtime to you? Is it lost productivity, lost development time, overtime, make-up time, fatigue, or loss of employee morale? And how do you measure that? Time, money, lost sales? And how does it affect your end product? Often companies don’t want to think in these terms, and compute the costs. Sometimes the loss is so great that it is immeasurable. Why take that risk? When you purchase Tektronix instruments, you have made the investment in the best test equipment in the industry. Make the most of that investment and protect your business from unplanned downtime.

We will work with you to create a strategy, understand your business needs and risks, and tailor a program to meet both your availability requirements and your specific configurations. These spares will be dedicated to your facility, allowing you the ability to quickly react and restore operations, keeping your operation at maximum capacity. If your requirements include calibration and repair, we will also put together an on-site calibration event and repair coverage to further reduce your out-of-service time.

The Tektronix High Availability Service Plan is the answer when you need your equipment up and performing at its best because it has all the features necessary to ensure your system is configured and calibrated properly and to repair or replace the product should a failure occur. Whether you are running a mission-critical military operation, operating a 24-hour manufacturing operation, designing the next-generation product, or transmitting a live television feed, we understand that equipment downtime is costly. With the High Availability Service from Tektronix you can rest assured that any unplanned downtime will be minimal, with most systems back and operational within 1 hour.

Cost effectiveness

Paying for the Tektronix High Availability Service Plan is much easier than ever. Instead of paying upfront to start the service, you simply commit to a fixed contract term (typically three years) and pay for the service through annual payments or one single payment. This could significantly reduce the cost required to begin enjoying this service while increasing your working capital. Additionally, the entire product inventory is held by Tektronix, freeing you from the burden of carrying and maintaining the inventory.


All replacement products provided through the Tektronix High Availability Service Plan is specifically configured to match the configuration of the products that it will replace. This means that swapping in the replacement product will not require any modifications, thereby greatly minimizing the time and effort required. Furthermore, these replacement products will be stored at your location, eliminating the need to ship a product, or prepare an order to request a replacement. All products also have optional repair coverage, providing expedited repair should the product fail during the coverage period.


To keep your products operating at their best, the Tektronix High Availability Service Plan optionally includes on-site calibration for all the covered products. All your covered products are calibrated to globally accepted standards so that their results – the results that impact your product’s quality – can be trusted. Both accredited and fully traceable calibration levels are available. Accreditation guarantees that compliant calibration facilities and procedures will be used. Traceability ties the accuracy of your calibration to a hierarchy of measurement references that begins with the tools that calibrate your instrument, and ends with the standardized weights and measures residing in the national laboratories such as NIST in the U.S.

Tektronix personnel, facilities, and equipment are certified and/or accredited, where applicable, to the following standards:

  • ISO/IEC 17025:2005 
  • ANSI/NCSL Z540.1-1994(R2002)
  • ISO9001

Additionally, all on-site calibrations include functional verifications, software, safety, and reliability updates as applicable.

Additional support

Should you have any minor technical problems while setting up or operating the equipment, you will have priority access to our technical support personnel. Here, a skilled Tektronix professional with an average 15 years of service will be ready to assist you.

Ordering information

The Tektronix High Availability Service Plan is available now. To order, please contact your account manager or your local service organization.

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