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Whether you work on optical components, transceiver subassemblies or transmission systems, there are critical PHY layer tests necessary to execute: eye diagrams and jitter performance, stressed receiver testing, crosstalk & BER tests, and optical modulation analysis.  Tektronix provides you with the expertise and equipment to perform standards-compliant TX, RX and Coherent Optical testing from 125 MB/sec to 100 GB/sec and beyond. Tektronix is the only test and measurement vendor that can offer a complete end-to-end testing of coherent modulation formats.

  • DSA8300 Series Sampling Oscilloscopes are suitable for accurate characterization of optical transmitter performance for major single-mode optical standards from 8.5 Gb/s to 44.5 Gb/s and multi-mode from 25.78 Gb/s to 28.05 Gb/s using built-in optical reference receivers and very low OSNR.
  • Coherent Optical Test Systems are required to test the latest communication systems for 100G, 400G, 1Tb/s and beyond.
  • Optical receiver test standards like OIF-CEI, IEEE802.3bj & Infiniband require jitter tolerance testing. The Tektronix BERT portfolio provides signal conditioning and BER analysis up to 40Gb/s from 1-4 channels. For precise jitter tolerance testing and in-depth impairments & analysis, the BERTScope BSA Series Bit Error Rate Testers provide long pattern generation of PRBS signals along with very accurate BER measurement results and deep, root-cause analysis on >28Gb/sec communications system designs.
  • For PRBS patterns that need clean, fast edges and multi-lane generation (MLG), the PatternPro® PPG and PED Series single and multi-channel Pattern Generators and Error Detectors are ideal simultaneous BER testing of up to four lanes at 32Gb/s, and patterna generation and error detection capability at 40Gb/s.

Bridging the Gap Between BER and Eye Diagrams — A BER Contour Tutorial

Introduction to the BER Contour measurement.

Physical Layer Tests of 100 Gb/s Communications Systems

Learn how to prepare for compliance measurements on 100G standards.

Clock Recovery Primer, Part 1

Look at clock recovery from a practical point of view, Part 1.

Extinction Ratio (ER) Calibrated White Paper

This white paper explains some of the benefits of highly accurate ER measurements in both 10 GbE (Ethernet), with its relatively low ER requirement, and in SONET/SDH, and the methodology that supports consistent, accurate ER result.

Semtech Turns to Tektronix DSA8300 Sampling Scope to Characterize New 25-28 Gb/s CDR Devices

This customer case study illustrates the benefits that Tektronix DataCom test solutions deliver to characterize electrical performance of 100G technologies with the industry’s lowest intrinsic noise floor.

Practices for Measurements on 25 Gb/s Signaling

Review of the measurement practices for the characterization and compliance test of the transmitter and receiver for 25+ Gb/s signaling in 100 G systems with oscilloscopes.

Coherent Optical Signal Generation with High-Performance AWG

Learn how instrument characteristics and performance level of the AWG70000 influence the ability to generate different modulation schemes and the way the instrument’s flexibility can be used to compensate for internal and external device imperfections and to emulate component and link distortions.

Ultralow drive voltage silicon traveling-wave modulator Paper (Optical Society of America)

In this paper from the Optical Society of America, the DSA8300 Series Oscilloscope is being used to verify operation of a broadband modulator with a drive voltage of 0.63 Vpp at 20 Gb/s.

Characterizing an SFP+ Transceiver at the 16G Fibre Channel Rate

Measurements needed to test an SFP+ transceiver to the 16G Fibre Channel standard.

Automating Bit Error Rate Measurements of Complex Modulated Optical Signals

Common to all digital communications systems is the need to characterize bit error rates (BER). In this application note, you will learn how the Tektronix OM4106D Coherent Lightwave Signal Analyzer enables access to the complete set of variables for characterizing complex optical signals on fiber.

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These posters are about testing digital high speed communications electronics, and are intended for electronics engineers who work to verify compliance of their products.

PHY Layer Testing for 100G

In this application note, learn how to prepare for compliance measurements on 100G standards including IEEE802.3ba and the tests that help diagnose noncompliant components and systems.

Providing Insight & Expertise for 100G Testing

Optical Communications 100G Testing SolutionsTesting 100G designs can be daunting. Learn how our solutions and expertise provide a deeper level of insight when designs fail.

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