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What's it like to work here? Tektronix has a collaborative culture where people enjoy what they do and have fun doing it. We respect each other and honor our differences. A variety of people share diverse ideas and experiences, yet every voice is heard. Communications are open and informal and management is very approachable. You’ll find yourself surrounded by a friendly group of people who are ready to jump in and lend a hand.

We believe that success depends on a company's ability to champion individual contributions as well as team victories. We look for people who are motivated with the drive to meet their own goals and achieve results while taking accountability for their actions. The intuitive thinker, the person able to see the big picture. And we recognize success at all levels through a number of recognition programs that make up The Tektronix Experience.

Above all, working at Tektronix is rewarding. Whether new technologies emerge incrementally or in one quantum leap, Tektronix will be there — wherever, whenever innovation occurs. You get to make an immediate impact on the technology we develop and the customers we enable to address the technology challenges of today and tomorrow.