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Your career at Tektronix is about to begin! At Tektronix, we want all new hires to have a great experience that successfully integrates and engages them in our company. One way we try to accomplish this is through our employee on-boarding program Power Up, Partnering for Career Success. You will learn more about this program during your first week at work as part of your joining the Tektronix team.

At Tektronix we encourage all employees to assume responsibility for the development of their career.

Every employee is unique. The responsibilities you will have at Tektronix, the experience you bring, your work schedule, the location of your work group, your background with Tektronix, etc., all play a role in making you unique. Consequently, we have attempted to give you and your manager the flexibility to tailor an on-boarding strategy that best suits your situation. Generally, here is what you can expect over the next six months.

Day 1- Week 1

Getting off to
a great start

Month 1

Becoming part
of the team

Month 3

Launching your career at Tektronix

Month 6

Making a difference


You have the necessary information and structure to assist you in getting acclimated in your new work environment

You have met your team and other key stakeholders

Your first day is a success!

You have set objectives, via the Talent Management System (TMS)

You are aware and understand the expectations for your specific type of work

You have been introduced to the necessary people, programs and policies to successfully fulfill your role at Tektronix

You are aware of the goals of the company, your work group, and how your efforts will contribute to the success of the company at all levels

You are aware of your work group's employee development process and opportunities

Your performance plan document is completed and posted in the appropriate TMS on-line tool

You are actively working on your development areas that is part of your performance plan document
(This list in not all inclusive but a summary of activities known to make an impact.)
You should:

Complete required paperwork

Complete the required Corporate Ethics and Compliance Training Program on-line courses

Complete your set-up for About You

Attend New Employee Orientation (NEO) - US only
You should:

Attend Working at Tektronix - US only

Draft your performance plan document

Network with others
You should:

Ensure you have a finalized performance plan with your manager's approval
You should:

Participate in Formal Review with Manager

Provide feedback to Manager


We are happy that you have chosen Tektronix and look forward to seeing you around the campus!