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What is TekDrive and What Can You Do with It?

TekDrive is a collaborative test and measurement data workspace that allows users to upload, store, search, download, organize, and share any files from any connected device. TekDrive makes your test, measurement, and engineering data accessible to you, your team, and your partners, instantly and securely. It is a central location where you can keep all your and your team's data, easily accessible from anywhere.
TekDrive is perfect for people who have important data spread across several devices like an old work computer, a USB stick, an over-filled hard drive kept on a scope, an on-premise server, or any other unscalable, unsharable, limited-space format location or media. It provides highly scalable and accessible storage space for all your test and measurement data, which can be easily shared with your team or other stakeholders.
Easily share test data with TekDrive
Benefits of TekDrive

TekDrive is a powerful workspace that allows seamless collaboration, sharing, and integrations. Here are some of the prominent benefits of this capability. 

Integrations with Scopes

TekDrive can be easily integrated with an oscilloscope or other supported instruments. Mounting the workspace directly on a scope allows you to create a secure window into your files, folders, and data. You can use this storage like any other drive, only better, as you'll be backed by the immense power of instant sharing and frictionless accessibility with TekDrive. An easy QR-based pairing mechanism allows you to integrate supported instruments with your TekCloud account quickly and securely. To ensure the further safety of your data, you can configure security settings that enables you to fully control access to your drive on shared instruments.

TekDrive also allows you to save your data directly from the scope to a folder on your drive, for later access and collaboration. It supports several save options, so you can save images, waveforms, tables, plot data, and even entire sessions. You can even set it up so that your data is automatically saved when a trigger is activated. Since this is a collaborative workspace, you and your colleagues can recall or reopen any file to access data at any time or to continue a session on a different day, even with a different instrument or in off-scope software like TekScope.
Anywhere Access

Another great feature of TekDrive is that it can be accessed from any device, be it a mobile phone, a tablet, or a computer. The browser-based access application is responsive to screen sizes and network situations. Coupled with scope integration, this means you can immediately access data from your scope at your desk, at home, or share it across the globe. A particularly useful combination is to use E*scope or TekScope for remote control and use TekDrive for easy data storage and organization – creating a fully remote scope experience. 


In this increasingly remote world, it is crucial to be able to share your data with team members who might be located across the office or across the globe. TekDrive delivers quite spectacularly on this front, as collaboration is built-in from the very beginning. You can manage file and folder access with as many contributors as you like. There are no price tiers or ranges depending on the number of collaborators, allowing you to collaborate with unlimited users at the same cost. 

With the simple access management system, you can control who accesses the files and folders on the drive, from internal team members to stakeholders outside your organization. You can grant access to a team member when their collaboration is required, and revoke access when a member doesn't require it. TekDrive also allows you to automatically send invitations and reminders when you share data with others.

Think about this. Share a single folder with your team members. Then, go into the lab. Mount your TekDrive, and save files to that folder. The instant you save while sitting in front of the scope, your team will have shared access to that data from anywhere. Collaboration on scope data has never been easier. 

See Waveforms in a Browser

Once any data is saved on the TekDrive, you can easily open it directly in a browser on any device. You can open any kind of data, including Waveforms (.wfm), Sessions (.tss), or any other supported file (.isf, .csv, and more) on the browser or even your smartphone or tablet in full resolution, with no extra software required. The inbuilt viewer in TekDrive allows you to view, inspect, and analyze your data directly in the browser. Functions you can perform include:

Add annotations to the data
Zoom, pan, inspect, add cursors, and take measurements
Use inline math to transform and filter data in real-time
Run and display statistics and certain measurements on the data
How to Set Up and Use TekDrive on Any Device

Setting up TekDrive on your scope and later on any device is a simple process. 

1. On your scope, go to File > File Utilities
2. Go to 'Mount' at the bottom of the dialog box
3. Click on 'TekDrive' under 'Drive Type' and name the drive 
4. Choose an auto disconnect option ('Power cycle', 'never', or 'custom'), if applicable
5. Click on 'Connect to TekDrive' at the bottom of the screen
6. A shortcode and URL appear, which you can enter on any device to pair your TekDrive account with the scope. 
7. On the scope, it says "Activation successful!" Click now on 'OK, mount TekDrive'
The TekDrive is now connected to the scope, and it can be seen as if it was any drive. Now, you can save and recall files using the same experience as a local or USB drive – but with the superior capability of TekDrive. 

View data in your browser with TekDrive

How to Share Data from TekDrive

Sharing any data with external collaborators is also very easy using TekDrive. 
1. Go to the TekDrive browser and right click on a file or folder
2. Click 'share'
3. Add the email address of your team members or other collaborators under 'Shared With'
4. Click on 'Add' and 'Done' and the file is instantly shared with your coworkers!
5. If your colleagues are added to a specific folder on the drive, they get instant access any time you add new data to that folder.
Thus, integrating the TekDrive with any scope and saving and sharing your data with your team is seamless, easy, and secure with TekDrive.
You can sign up for a 14-day free trial of TekDrive, no payment method required, here.