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Tektronix Paving the Way to 4K at NAB 2015

From 4K QC and Analysis to New Closed Captioning and File-Based Monitoring Solutions, Tektronix' Broad Portfolio Addresses Broadcasters Top Challenges

LAS VEGAS, April 7, 2015 - Tektronix, an industry-leading innovator of video quality monitoring solutions, will be demonstrating the broadcast industry's most complete portfolio of solutions for ensuring picture and sound quality - including expanded options for 4K analysis and monitoring - at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) 2015 event, April 13 - 19, in booth SU9121.

From the growing demand for 4K/UHDTV1 content to viewers' demands for new ways to consume content, the broadcast industry is facing pressure from every direction. Through it all, broadcasters need comprehensive tools for ensuring the quality of their content from production, through post production to delivery to the viewer. At the same time, they need the flexibility to transition quickly as new disruptive technologies or more stringent regulations emerge. At NAB, Tektronix is showcasing the tools broadcasters need to meet these demands.

Highlights include comprehensive 4K/UHDTV1 monitoring using WFM/WVR8000 series waveform monitors and rasterizers, a recently expanded line-up of 4K-capable file-based analysis solutions, and 4K picture quality analysis. Other areas of focus include a new dual-input option for the Sentry Video Network Monitoring solution (see separate release) to meet the latest FCC Closed Captioning rules, and the expanded diagnostic capabilities of the portable WFM2300 waveform monitor.

Another major topic at NAB will be the transition from SDI to IP-based infrastructures which enable more efficient and cost-effective distribution of UHD/4K signals. As announced today, Tektronix is among the industry leaders collaborating with Sony on its video over IP initiative, including support for Sony's IP Live Production system.

4K Monitoring Solution
The WFM/WVR8000 series products, with quad-3G-SDI inputs, offer a comprehensive monitoring and measurement solution for quad-link 4K/UHDTV1 formats for camera lineup, color grading, color correction, QC, and facility maintenance applications. In order to make the platform future-proof, the WFM/WVR8000 series waveform monitors and rasterizers have an internal architecture that can handle 4K data rates, which allows the addition of 4K/UHDTV1 formats as an existing product upgrade. This effectively eliminates the need to purchase new monitoring equipment and incur unnecessary capital expenses when transitioning to 4K.

New capabilities include ITU-R BT.2020 color space support in waveform, vector, picture, and Tektronix patented gamut display mode, square division and 2-sample interleave 4K formats support, and 4K video session display. Also included are the Tektronix-patented Timing display with new 4K link timing measurements and audio loudness monitoring and ancillary data support for 4K content.

Expanded File-Based Monitoring Solutions
As the industry moves to 4K, delivering video with stunning quality is critical to meeting viewer expectations. At NAB, Tektronix is showcasing the industry's most comprehensive set of file-based QC solutions to address such customer needs as faster test times, an integrated video player, comprehensive codec support and easy integration with workflows.

In addition, to the award-winning Cerify and QCloud offerings, NAB attendees can gain first-hand insights into the latest additions to the Tektronix QC Validation Suite as the result of an exclusive licensing agreement with Digimetrics. These include the scalable, easy to use Aurora file-based QC tool; Hydra, a frame-accurate file-based player (which can be used for 4K content playback); and AutoFix, a suite of file-based correction tools.

Meeting New FCC Guidelines with Sentry Dual-Input Option
Under new FCC guidelines released in March 2015, broadcasters and cable operators must meet standards for television closed captioning for accuracy, synchronicity, completeness and placement. In addition, the FCC has imposed new requirements around record keeping and handling viewer complaints.

With its dual input capability, the Sentry Video Network Monitoring solution gives broadcasters a low-cost, self-contained, single-unit solution for monitoring compliance with FCC rules, along with an integrated alert system and 60-day history. It can be further combined with a Tektronix MTS4000 MPEG analyzer to diagnose and resolve more serious problems.

Faster Troubleshooting with the WFM2300
Tektronix is also featuring the expanded diagnostics and troubleshooting capabilities of the portable WFM2300 waveform monitor. New features include the introduction of asynchronous serial interface (ASI) confidence monitoring, a broader range of test signals (including Dolby E test signal generation), A/V and propagation delay measurements and HDMI connectivity through SFP modules. To take the guesswork out of fault diagnosis, the WFM2300 automatically determines the format of the signal connected to the active input (ASI or SDI) and displays the appropriate measurements.

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