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Tektronix Announces Compact+ Software-Only Version of Spectra2 Testing Solution

Tektronix Announces Compact, Software-Only Version of Spectra2 Testing Solution for VoIP Networks

Spectra2|SE™ Provides Portability, Enabling Testers and Test Script Developers to Perform Field Troubleshooting and Off-line Test Case Development

BEAVERTON, Ore., February 23, 2005 - Tektronix, Inc. (NYSE: TEK), a leading worldwide provider of network management and diagnostics products, announced the availability of a software-only edition of the Spectra2 that offers a robust remote testing capability for VoIP testers and product development engineers. Known as Spectra2|SE, the software-only edition helps next-generation and traditional equipment manufacturers and carriers test VoIP signaling protocols, including H.323, SIP, RTP, MGCP, and Megaco.

Customers can install the Spectra2|SE software on their own hardware platform, such as a laptop equipped with a standard Network Interface Card (NIC), and can perform the same VoIP testing functions at remote locations and customer sites. Media and QoS VoIP testing for the Spectra2|SE are available options with a new RTP Testing Package that supports active PESQ and voice quality testing of RTP-based media. A Passive QoS Testing package for Spectra2|SE is also available as an option. The combination of signaling and media testing provides quality measurements, analysis of the media, and more complete real-world test scenarios.

"By offering a software-only version of Spectra VoIP testing, we are introducing a tool that is flexible, portable, and affordable for our customers," said Lyn Cantor, Vice President, Communications Test Assurance, Tektronix. "Test scenarios developed on a Spectra2|SE VoIP conformance test can run on a fully equipped Spectra2 VoIP testing platform and vice versa, providing a cost-effective, remote resource that enhances developer productivity and maximizes the product development and delivery investment."

"The Spectra2|SE VoIP testing tool provides the same third-party validation of IP telephony products and services as our industry-standard Spectra2 platform," said Chris Kirk, director of Product Management, Communications Test Assurance, Tektronix. "We now deliver the most essential Spectra2 testing features in a portable, affordable footprint that helps testers and developers to be more productive when they are away from a fully equipped VoIP diagnostic lab. When combined with the ability to perform remote media testing, the Spectra2|SE solution is the most robust software-only diagnostics tool of its kind."

Spectra2|SE VoIP Testing in a Portable, Single-User Format

The Spectra2|SE VoIP testing solution requires a Spectra2|SE software license, Windows 2000 or Windows XP, and a standard PC Network Interface Card (NIC). In addition to the new RTP Testing Package, the Spectra2|SE software-only format also supports the following Spectra2 software packages: VoIP Analyzer, SIP Testing Package, SIP-T Testing Package, H.323 Testing Package, MGCP Testing Package, Megaco Testing package, and the QoS Testing Package.

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