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Model 6517B Electrometer / High-Resistance Meter Specifications Specifications


Volts table

NMRR: 2 V and 20 V range > 60 dB, 200 V range > 55 dB. 50 Hz or 60 Hz2

CMRR: > 120 dB at DC, 50 Hz or 60 Hz

Input Impedance: > 200 TΩ in parallel with 20 pF, < 2="" pf="" guarded="" (1="" mω="" with="" zero="" check="">

Small signal bandwidth at preamplifier output: Typically 100 kHz (–3 dB)


Amps table

Input bias current: < 3="" fa="" at="" tcal;="" temperature="" coefficient="0.5" fa/°c,="" 20="" pa="">

Input bias current noise: < 750="" aa="" peak-peak="" (capped="" input),="" 0.1="" hz="" to="" 10="" hz="" bandwidth,="" damping="" on;="" digital="" filter="40" readings,="" 20="" pa="">

Input voltage burden at Tcal ± 1 °C: < 20="" µv="" on="" 20="" pa,="" 2="" na,="" 20="" na,="" 2="" µa,="" 20="" µa="" ranges;="">< 100="" µv="" on="" 200="" pa,="" 200="" na,="" 200="" µa="" ranges;="">< 2="" mv="" on="" 2="" ma="" range;="">< 5="" mv="" on="" 20="" ma="">

Temperature coefficient of input voltage burden: < 10="" µv/°c="" on="" pa,="" na,="" µa="">

Preamplifier settling time (to 10% of final value) typical: 0.5 s (damping off), 2.0 s (damping on) on pA ranges; 15 ms on nA ranges damping off, 1 ms on µA ranges damping off; 500 µs on mA ranges damping off

NMRR: < 60="" db="" on="" all="" ranges="" at="" 50="" hz="" or="" 60="" hz="">


coulombs table

Input bias current: < 4="" fa="" at="" tcal;="" temperature="" coefficient="0.5" fa/°c,="" 2="" nc="">


ohms table

Preamplifier settling time: Add voltage source settling time to preamplifier settling time in current specification. Ranges over 20 GΩ require additional settling based on the characteristics of the load.

OHMS (alternating polarity method)

The alternating polarity sequence compensates for the background (offset) currents of the material or device under test. Maximum tolerable offset up to full scale of the current range used.

Using Keithley Model 8002A or 8009 fixture

Repeatability: ΔIBG × R/VALT + 0.1 % (1σ) (instrument temperature constant ± 1 °C).

Accuracy: (VSRCErr + IMEASErr x R)/VALT
ΔIBG is a measured, typical background current noise from the sample and fixture.
VALT is the alternating polarity voltage used.
VSRCErr is the accuracy (in volts) of the voltage source using VALT as the setting.
IMEASErr is the accuracy (in amperes) of the ammeter using VALT /R as the reading.


Voltage Source table

Maximum output current:
100 V range: ± 10 mA, hardware short circuit protection at < 14.0="">
1000 V range: ± 1 mA, hardware short circuit protection at < 1.4="" ma="">

Settling time:
100 V range: < 8="" ms="" to="" rated="">
1000 V range: < 50="" ms="" to="" rated="">

Noise (typical):10 Hz to 20 Mhz
100V range: < 2.6="">
1000V range: < 2.9="">


Temperature (Thermocouple) table


Humidity table


Implementation: SCPI (IEEE-488.2, SCPI-1999.0)
Trigger to reading done: 150 ms typical, with external trigger
RS-232 implementation: Supports: SCPI 1991.0; baud rates: 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19.2 k, 38.4 k, 57.6 k, and 115.2 k
Flow control: None, Xon/Xoff
Connector: DB-9 TXD/RXD/GND


DISPLAY: 6½-digit vacuum fluorescent multiline
OVERRANGE INDICATION: Display reads "OVERFLOW”; for readings > 105 % of range, the display reads "OUT OF LIMIT" for excessive overrange conditions
RANGING: Automatic or manual
CONVERSION TIME: Selectable 0.01 PLC to 10 PLC
PROGRAMS: Provide front-panel access to IEEE address, choice of engineering units or scientific notation
MAXIMUM INPUT: 250 V peak, DC to 60 Hz sine wave; 10 s per minute maximum on mA ranges
MAXIMUM COMMON MODE VOLTAGE (DC to 60 Hz sine wave): Electrometer, 500 V peak; V-source, 750 V peak
ISOLATION (meter COMMON to chassis): > 1010 Ω, < 500="">
INPUT CONNECTOR: Three-lug triaxial on rear panel
2 V ANALOG OUTPUT: 2 V for full range input; noninverting in volts mode, inverting when measuring amperes, ohms, or coulombs; output impedance 10 kΩ nominal
PREAMPLIFIER OUTPUT: Provides a guard output for voltage measurements; can be used as an inverting output or with external feedback in Amps and Coulombs modes
EXTERNAL TRIGGER: TTL compatible external trigger and electrometer complete
GUARD: Switchable voltage guard available
DIGITAL I/O AND TRIGGER LINE: Available, see manual for usage
EMC: Conforms to European Union Directive 89/336/EEC, EN 61326-1
SAFETY: Conforms to European Union Directive 73/23/EEC, EN 61010-1
TEST SEQUENCES: Device-characterization (diode, capacitor, cable, resistor), resistivity, surface-insulation resistance, sweep
To internal buffer    425    readings/second11
To IEEE-488 bus    400    readings/second10, 11
Bus transfer    3300    readings/second11
DIGITAL FILTER: Median and averaging
ENVIRONMENT: Operating: 0 °C to 50 °C; relative humidity 70 % noncondensing, up to 35 °C; storage: –25 °C to +65 °C; for indoor use only
ALTITUDE: Maximum 2000 m (6562 ft) above sea level per EN61010-1
WARM-UP: 1 hour to rated accuracy (see manual for recommended procedure)
POWER: User selectable 100 V AC, 120 V AC, 220 V AC, 240 V AC, 50 Hz/60 Hz, 100 VA maximum


Case dimensions: 90 mm × 214 mm × 369 mm (3½ in. × 8½ in. × 14½ in.)
Working dimensions: From front of case to rear, including power cord and IEEE-488 connector: 397.7 mm (15.5 in.)
Net weight: 5.4 kg (11.8 lbs)
Shipping weight: 6.9 kg (15.1 lbs)

1 When properly zeroed, 6½-digit, 1 PLC (power line cycle), median filter on, digital filter = 10 readings.
2 Line sync on.
3 aA = 10–18 A, fA = 10–15 A.
4 Line sync on.
5 Specifications apply immediately after charge acquisition.


Add where TA = period of time in seconds between the coulombs zero and measurement, QAV = average charge measured over TA, and RC = 300,000 typical.
6 When properly zeroed, 6½-digit, 1 PLC (power line cycle), median filter on, digital filter = 10 readings.
7 Specifications are for auto V-source ohms, when properly zeroed, 6½ -digit, 1 PLC, median filter on, digital filter = 10 readings. If user-selectable voltage is required, use manual mode. Manual mode displays resistance (up to 1018 Ω) calculated from measured current. Accuracy is equal to the accuracy of the V-source plus the accuracy of the selected current range.
8 Excluding probe errors, TCAL ± 5 °C, 1 PLC integration time.
9 Humidity probe accuracy must be added. This is ± 3 % relative humidity, for Model 6517RH, up to 65 °C probe environment, not to exceed 85 °C.
10 0.01 PLC, digital filters off, front panel off, temperature + relative humidity off, line sync off.
11 Binary transfer mode.