TG8000 Multiformat Video Test Signal Generator

The TG8000 is a precision multiformat analog and digital signal generation platform, designed for sync and timecode generation in broadcasting applications and reference test signal generation in video equipment testing applications.

Generator Options
Form Factor

Composite, Component, SD, HD, 3G

Embedded Audio, Time Code, ANC Data, Text/Circle, Synch for Genlock / GPS / Black Burst / Tri-level,8 Application Modules, AV Delay Test Sequence

AGL7 Analog Genlock, ATG7 Composite Analog Test Generator, AVG7 Analog Video Generator, AWVG7 Analog Wideband Video Generator, GPS7 GPS Synchronization and Time Code, AG7 Audio Generator, BG7 Analog Black Generator, DVG7 SD-SDI Digital Generator, HDLG7 Dual Link HD-SDI Generator, HD3G7 HD/3G-SDI Test Signal Generator, HDVG7 HD-SDI Digital Generator, SDI7 SD/HD/3G-SDI Test Signal Generator (3G-SDI Optional; Embedded Dolby E support Optional)

1 RU Full Depth, Full Width

Tektronix makes available outline drawings for system integrators of the following video products:

  • Waveform monitors.
    • WFM4000,WFM5000,WFM5200,WFM5250,WFM6120, WFM7200, WFM8200, and WFM8300.
  • Waveform rasterizers.
    • WVR4000, WVR5000, WVR5200, WVR5250, WVR7200, WVR8200, and WVR8300.
  • Test signal generators.
    • SPG300, SPG600, SPG700, SPG8000, SPG8000A, TG700, and TG8000.
  • Changeover units.
    • ECO422D, ECO8000, and ECO8020.


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Using Stay GenLock

Tech brief on video reference timing with Tektronix Signal Generators

Fact Sheet
Tektronix Video System Integration CAD File

Tektronix makes available outline drawings for system integrators of waveform monitors, waveform rasterizers, test signal generators, and changeover units. 

Technical Brief
Tips & Tricks: TG8000 Signal Generator Zone Plate Test Pattern

Using a “Zone Plate” test pattern to accurately measure the frequency characteristics of the equipment.

How-to Guide
Master Sync and Master Clock Reference Timing within a Facility

Adjusting system timing and achieving synchronization is one of the most fundamental and critical procedures in a facility. With facilities operating with multi-formats, learn how the Tektronix SPG8000 and TG8000 can be configured to serve the multi-formats needs of a facility.

Application Note
Global Positioning System as a Master Clock and Reference Signal

GPS can provide a reliable means to provide master clock and timing reference signals from a sync pulse generator such as the Tektronix SPG8000 with the GPS option. This method of synchronization allows for multiple facilities around the world to all derive their reference signals from the same system.

Application Note
Timing and Synchronization in a Standard Definition Hybrid Video Facility

An application note explaining the complexities of an analog and digital multi-standard, multi-format environment that requires flexibility to achieve and maintain synchronization in facilities that operate in a mix of formats.

Application Note

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