Telco Operators

Tektronix Video test products help telco operators in three areas:

  • Headend monitoring at a range of network access points like ingest, transport and access
  • Field installation of Video over IP network elements (encoders and IP switches)
  • Selecting and evaluating network infrastructure such as encoders

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Measuring Video and Audio Quality of Experience (QoE)

This application note shows you how to objectively rate a program at different points in the network to understand and pinpoint when and where degradation has occurred.

Video Backhaul

Using the MTM400A video backhauling functionality, discover out how to deliver a remote program to an operator via a network link, even several thousand miles, without altering them in any way and preserving the native compression.

A Guide to MPEG Fundamentals and Protocol Analysis

MPEG is one of the most popular audio/video compression techniques because it is not just a single standard. Instead, it is a range of standards suitable for different applications but based on similar principles. MPEG is an acronym for the Moving Picture Experts Group.

The Storm Before the CALM: Quieting Loud Commercials in the Cable Environment

The burden of complying with the CALM Act will fall most heavily on the shoulders of cable operators and is a daunting task.  Download this application note to find out how Sentry Video Content Monitors can help ease this task.

Troubleshooting Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) issues in Video Service Provider Networks

Learn the benefits and faults of the two most common test methods for troubleshooting video signal problems and the critical capabilities needed in an MPEG analyzer.

Video Over IP Cross Layer MeasurementsExplore some of the challenges around delivering superior Quality of Service (QoS) in the design, rollout and management of Video over IP Networks.

Are you deploying Multiscreen video and need to monitor your OTT or TV Everywhere…

Monitoring Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) Webinar

Are you deploying Multi-screen video and need to monitor your OTT or TV Everywhere services? Watch this webinar to gain a quick overview of the technology behind Adaptive Bit Rate streaming technology, and developing a QoE monitoring strategy that includes pre and post fragmented video streams.

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