Keithley Series 2280 Precision Measurement DC Power Supplies

Clean power paired with precision measurements

Series 2280S supplies deliver up to 192W of low output noise power and superior load current measurement sensitivity. Built-in plotting functions allow monitoring trends such as drift. These supplies offer up to 6½-digit resolution for characterizing small changes in load currents with confidence. Four load current measurement ranges support measuring a device’s full load current, standby mode current, and small sleep mode currents with DMM-quality accuracy. 


Price starting from
US $2,000 - US $2,010
US $2,000
Number of Outputs
Maximum Voltage
Maximum Current

 Prog Single Ch DC PS, 32V, 6A, 192W





US $2,010
Number of Outputs
Maximum Voltage
Maximum Current

 Prog Single Ch DC PS, 60V, 3.2A, 192W







0.02% voltage programming and readback accuracy with remote sensing  Ensures the desired voltage is accurately applied to the load.
Clean output power, <1mVRMS noise Minimizes any disturbance to the load.
0.05% current measurement accuracy and 10nA resolution Allows measuring small load currents with confidence.
Can capture load changes that occur at intervals as short as 140μs  Allows monitoring load currents easily in all of a portable, battery-operated device’s operating modes so designers can determine the device’s total power consumption.
High resolution TFT display and soft-key/icon-based user interface Simplifies power supply setup and operation.
Built-in graphing capabilities Simplifies analyzing trends or displaying voltage or current waveforms.
Programmable rise and fall times Eliminates voltage overshoot and undershoot transients that could damage the device under test.
Programmable output sequences  Reduces test times on the bench and in rack-based production test systems.
Sinks up to 0.45A   Allows discharging voltage quickly.
Built-in web page  Supports automated control, monitoring, and data logging.


Power Supply Measurement Tips
Power supplies are the workhorses behind all electronics and electrical equipment. They come in numerous varieties to fit the gamut of systems they power. The race towards smaller, greener and cheaper power supply designs is more intense than ever. Higher efficiencies, higher power densities, time to market, standards requirements and cost reduction are impacting designs and designers alike.

Designing a power supply is a complex process with numerous steps. With this guide, we will follow a simple work flow and provide testing tips at each of 10 design stages. Hopefully you will find a few that will make your testing more effective and your life a little easier.

6 Key Challenges of the Internet of Things

Master the 6 challenges facing IoT makers, designers, and  integrators.

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This e-guide explores some of the most common DC current vs. voltage (I-V) tests being performed today, the seemingly inherent complications posed by each, and how new techniques can help to not only overcome these challenges but enhance efficiency and productivity, as well.

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The growth of objects connected to the internet is expected to exceed 30 billion devices by 2020 and continue to have double-digit growth rates. Many of these devices will be wearable devices,…
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