Model 3706A Channel Pattern Creation


How to create channel pattern when using matrix cards in Model 3706A?


Here is a short procedure to create a channel pattern and measure ACV using Model 3706A.

Create Channel Pattern with 3730 matrix card and make measurements.

This how to create a channel pattern for a 3730 matrix card in order to measure ACV.
Apply ACV signal to Column 1.
1. Add backplane 1911. Perform steps a,b,c and d to do this.
a. Press CONFIG, let go.  Press PATT.
b. Press CHAN.
c. Select BACKPLANE, press ENTER. Select ADD, press ENTER. Select 1911, press ENTER.
d. Press EXIT, EXIT.
2. Press FUNC. This will select ACV function.
3. Press CLOSE.
4. Press CONFIG, let go. Press CREATE. Press ENTER.
5. Select SNAPSHOT, press ENTER.
6. Name the pattern as PATT01------, press ENTER.
7. Press EXIT, EXIT.
8. Press TRIG. Now you should see the ACV signal on the display.

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Product: 3706, 3706A, 3730, 3731, 3732

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