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Can I use my DAS-1600 Series Board with TestPoint?

Question :

Can I use my DAS-1600 Series Board with TestPoint?

Answer :

Can I use my DAS-1600 Series Board with TestPoint?


Yes, TestPoint can be used with the DAS-1600 Series boards which include the DAS-1601, DAS-1602, DAS-1401, DAS-1402, DAS-1201, DAS-1202.

The DriverLINX driver for DAS-1600 Series is not used by TestPoint. Instead, TestPoint will make use of the ASO driver. Any Windows driver support for this board from Keithley is limited only for Win95 or Win98. Keithley does not have a driver for operation in WinNT or higher.

When TestPoint is installed, the ASO driver and configuration utilities are also installed (default directory is c:\testpt). The first step will be to generate a configuration file which is used to inform the ASO driver about your board. Look in the directory where TestPoint is installed for a program called cfg1600.exe. This utility program will create a config file, das1600.cfg, according to the information you supply about your board's model number, base address setting, etc. This utility will store the settings you select; it does not interrogate your board and store the values.

Once a valid configuration file is created, TestPoint will be able to use it with the ASO driver. But there is one more step to make it all automatic:

  • in the directory where TestPoint is installed, find and delete a file called keithley.cfg
  • find the das1600.cfg config file you created with the cfg1600.exe utility program. Rename this file keithley.cfg.

Now just run TestPoint and any program that uses an A/D object will make use of the keithley.cfg file to utilize the DAS-1600 Series board.


NOTE for sample rates in excess of 100Hz: when sampling faster than 100 Hz, the ASO driver will make use of DMA mode for more efficient data transfer. DMA mode with the ASO driver requires the Keithley Memory Manager also be installed. Failure to install the memory manager will result in "Error 207, VDS Region not Contiguous". To install the memory manager, simply double click the Vdmad.reg file located in the directory where TestPoint is installed and then reboot. This will install the memory manager.

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